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Moldova is getting further away from Russia. An important referendum will take place on October 20

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With the presidential elections, Moldovan citizens will decide on October 20 whether their country should move towards the European Union. The decision regarding the plebiscite was supported by the majority of deputies.

Reuters, quoting local media, reported that the initiative regarding the autumn referendum was supported by 56 deputies of the 101-seat parliament. 24 MPs did not take part in the vote. Earlier, the Moldovan Constitutional Court agreed to hold the referendum on the scheduled day elections presidential.

The Moldovan news portal Newsmaker wrote that the question that voters will answer has been changed. Instead of “are you in favor of Moldova joining the EU?” the ballot will read: “do you support the introduction of European integration into the constitution of Moldova?”.

If the majority of voters vote “yes” in the referendum, the preamble to the Moldovan constitution will include a mention of European identity and the irreversibility of the European development path. Moldova. The constitution will also include a separate article “European integration” – Newsmaker reported.

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After the armed invasion of neighboring Ukraine

A few weeks after the armed invasion Russia on Ukraine, started in February 2022, Moldova, neighboring Ukraine – in parallel with the government in Kiev – submitted an application for membership in the European Union. Three months later, in June 2022, it obtained the status of an EU candidate country, and in December 2023, the EU agreed to start accession negotiations with Moldova.

Accession to the EU is a priority for Moldovan President Maia Sandu, who sees Russia's aggressive actions and the problem of corruption as the two greatest threats to the state's sovereignty, Reuters recalled.

Changing the Kremlin's rhetoric

In its report, published on May 10, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) drew attention to the statement of the spokeswoman Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharowa, who accused the government of Moldova of pursuing a policy in the country comparable to “Nazi genocide”.

Referring to the recognition of Romanian as the state language in Moldova in 2023, Zakharova announced: “In one second, with the stroke of the pen of the government (of President Maja) Sandu, the Moldovan language was transformed into Romanian. And what is this if not elements of genocide against another nation?”

ISW also emphasized that Zakharova made an absurd accusation that the Moldovan authorities use “eugenic practices” similar to those in the Third Reich.

According to ISW, it was “a clear change in the rhetoric of Kremlin representatives regarding Moldova, probably aimed at creating conditions for taking control over Moldova, and not only over some of its regions.”

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