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Moldova. NATO deputy chief: Russia will not invade Moldova, but there may be a hybrid war

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Russia will not attack Moldova militarily, but will try to paralyze it with a hybrid war, NATO deputy secretary general Mircea Geoana said in an interview on Sunday for Bucharest TV Digi24.

– Direct threat to Moldova there is currently none, as Moscow has failed to capture it Odessa and come to Transnistria, Geoana said, pointing to other hostile activity by the Kremlin. He expects, however, that the hybrid actions taken against Chisinau by Russia may be a repetition of schemes used in recent years in other countries.

– For example, in 2006, the Kremlin tried to use its entire hybrid warfare arsenal in Montenegro. Now it may be similar in Moldova, said the deputy chief FOR THIS.

In this way, he referred to the year when Montenegrins decided in a referendum on independence and separation from Serbia. These events were accompanied by attempts to exert pressure and incite social unrest in order to disrupt the voting process as much as possible. Serbia – like Russia – did not want to lose Montenegro, because in this way it was cut off from the sea.

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He indicated that the tools used by Russia in Moldova will include attempts to cause chaos in the activities of state authorities, internal destabilization activities through social protests or cyber attacks.

– Moldova has a chance to escape from its current strategic ambiguity and have a better life in Europe – said the Romanian politician, stressing that Chisinau’s membership in the EU, as well as in NATO, is realistic and that Moldovans should also understand this.

Main photo source: DUMITRU DORU/PAP/EPA

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