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Moldova. Police warn of demonstrations initiated by the Kremlin. Sunday’s riots are aimed at “destabilizing the state”

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Moldovan police anticipate that anti-government forces will try to incite riots on Sunday to destabilize the country. “We call on the organizers and participants of the demonstration to comply with the law and prevent activities that threaten people’s lives and health,” the officers appeal in a message sent by TV8.

Moldovan police reported that during a demonstration planned for Sunday in Chisinau by the so-called Nationwide People’s Movement, opposed to the pro-Western authorities Moldova, “destabilizing actions and mass disturbances of public order” are expected. The main police headquarters in Chisinau announced that it would react to attempts to disturb the peace during the afternoon demonstration in the center of the capital.

“The police will not tolerate any form of provocation or aggression, including actions against their officers. Those who do not comply with the provisions of the law on assemblies will be prosecuted,” the Moldovan services announced.

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The officers appeal to the organizers and participants to “observe the law and refrain from activities that threaten the life and health of people”.

Separatist Transnistria is informally supported by Russia Reuters Archive

Kremlin influences

The protest is expected to be attended by members and supporters of the pro-Russian and anti-government Sor party, whose 80 members returning from Turkey arrested on Monday at Chisinau airport.

According to the Moldovan services, which claim that the leadership of the SOR is connected with the Kremlin, the three-day stay in Turkey was used to train militants in organizing provocations and causing riots during street protests.

Former Defense Minister: Russia will not succeed in overthrowing the legitimate authorities in Chisinau

the authorities Russia it will not be possible to overthrow the democratically elected authorities of Moldova either as a result of an invasion or as a result of hybrid actions, although they are trying very hard to do so, former Moldovan Defense Minister Anatol Salaru said in an interview with PAP.

Armed aggression, according to the Moldovan politician, is currently difficult for Moscow to implement due to the heroic resistance offered by the Ukrainian army – Russia is unable to reach the Republic of Moldova with its army in such conditions, which is why it resorts to hybrid warfare. In this way, he wants to stop Chisinau’s pro-European course, Salaru said.

He noted that Moldova was not abandoned by the Western countries during the Russian hybrid war and was “strongly supported by them”.

He decided that the pro-Russian milieu in Moldova, even despite the support of Russia’s secret services, had no potential to carry out a coup d’état in Chisinau. He stressed that Russia’s allies include, above all, the Sor party. He predicted that the SOR and groups associated with Russia would continue to organize protests, including violent actions, to undermine the current Moldovan authorities.

“The Kremlin wants to establish a new, loyal authority in Chisinau, able to function as an element of military pressure on Ukraine,” concluded Anatol Salaru.

Fears of destabilizing the country

President Maya Sandu made a statement on February 13 saying that Russia had plans to overthrow the Moldovan government and subjugate the entire country to prevent it from joining the European Union. She said at the time that Moscow relies, among other things, on “criminal groups such as the Sor party.” The AP agency reminds that the Moldovan government asked the country’s Constitutional Court to declare the Sor party illegal.


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Moldova, a neighbor of Ukraine, has been signaling independence from Russia since the Russian aggression. Last week, President Sandu, during a speech Joe Biden in Arkady Kubicki, she was sitting in the first row next to the Polish presidential couple, and she heard from the American leader that “Citizens of Moldova want to live in freedom, which is why they are applying for membership in the European Union.” Sandu was also the only foreign leader with whom the American president spoke. The White House announced this in a statement.

Moldova and TransnistriaPAP

Main photo source: DUMITRU DORU/EPA

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