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Moldova, President Maia Sandu: Russia has plans for a coup, it wants to overthrow the Moldovan government

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Russia has plans for a coup in Moldova that include sabotage attacks on government buildings, including hostage-taking, Moldovan President Maia Sandu has warned. At the same time, she appealed to the parliament to increase the powers of the services.

President Moldova she said on Monday that “this is not the first time Russia intends to destabilize the situation in Moldova”. Last autumn, such attempts were already made, but thanks to the quick intervention of the Moldovan authorities, they failed – she added Maya Sandu.

According to the Moldovan president, quoted by the Russian-language Newsmaker portal from Moldova, Russia’s current plans include bringing about a change of power in Chisinau. Documents regarding Russian plans to destabilize the country – according to what Sandu provided – are to come from, among others, the authorities Ukraine.

As the President of Moldova said, the plan envisages a diversion with the involvement of people with military training, posing as civilians, to carry out force operations, attacks on state administration buildings and taking hostages.

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Moldavian soldierPAP/EPA/DUMITRU DORU

“The documents provided to us by our Ukrainian partners contain specific locations and logistic aspects of the organization of this sabotage activity. The plan also provides for the use of foreigners for violent activities. For example, the materials contain instructions on the rules of entry to Moldova for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro,” Sandu said.

She added that “certain internal forces” are also planned to be used, including the pro-Russian opposition party SOR, some former military and law enforcement officers, people associated with the oligarch and once influential politician Vlad Plahotniuk.

Sandu stated that the purpose of these actions is to overthrow the constitutional and legal power in Chisinau and replace it with pro-Russian forces “so that Russia can stop the process of integration of the European republic and use it in the war against Ukraine.”

The Moldovan president on Monday called on the parliament to adopt laws to increase the powers of the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) and the prosecutor’s office in order to “counter threats to the country’s security more effectively.”

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Zelensky’s statement

On Thursday in Brussels, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky he said that Ukrainian intelligence services seized a document containing a Russian plan of action against Moldova, and then informed the authorities in Chisinau about it.

The leadership of the Moldovan Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) in Chisinau confirmed that it had received such a document. “We assure citizens that all institutions of our state are working properly and will not allow these (subversive) actions to be carried out,” SIS said.

The seat of the Moldovan government REUTERS

The issue of Transnistria and Russian missiles

Russia informally supports the separatist Transnistria, located within the borders of Moldova, where a series of incidents took place last year. Their goal – as the authorities in Chisinau assessed at the time – was to try to destabilize the country. These include the explosions that took place at the radio tower in the Transnistrian town of Maiac near the Ukrainian border.

Authorities in Kiev feared at the time that Russian secret services were behind the explosions, trying to draw Transnistria, where a Russian military unit is stationed, into a war against Ukraine.

On Friday, the authorities in Kiev and Chisinau announced that two Russian Kalibr missiles fired towards Ukraine from the Black Seaentered the airspace of Moldova.

Last October, a Russian rocket landed in the north of Moldova. The missile was fired by the Russian armed forces towards Ukraine and shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses. The authorities in Chisinau recognized then that the missile attacks on Ukraine also threatened the security of Moldova.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/DUMITRU DORU

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