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Moldova. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: Russia is trying to intimidate a nation that wants freedom

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Moscow is threatening the government in Chisinau in various ways and, as usual, is trying to intimidate a nation that wants freedom, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during a press conference with Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean. The head of the government arrived on Thursday in the Moldovan capital, where he holds meetings with the country’s leaders.

Mateusz Morawiecki is visiting on Thursday Moldovawhere he met Prime Minister Dorin Recean. This is the first official meeting of the heads of government of the two countries, after the change of the Moldovan prime minister in February this year.

At a joint press conference with Recean, the Polish Prime Minister pointed out that the history of Poland and Moldova has “intertwined” many times, which encourages both countries to cooperate as closely as possible “in the face of threats that have appeared around us”. – Today, in the face of Russian aggression on Ukraine(…) we face similar problems, challenges, risks and threats – he pointed out.

Morawiecki: Moscow threatens the government in Chisinau in various ways

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As he noted, Poland and Moldova are trying to provide assistance to the struggling Ukraine. – We fully understand the threat of hybrid warfare from Russiagas blackmail, energy blackmail, energy attack, Russian inflationwhich is visible both in Moldova and in Poland, are the challenges we face – he enumerated, adding that the common challenge is also Russian propaganda – active both in Poland and in Moldova.

– Both our countries have been living in the shadow of war for more than a year. We are facing the consequences of the war and both our nations are providing support to refugees from neighboring Ukraine. But Moldova is also overshadowed by the Russian threat and the Russian garrison present in Transnistria. This is a challenge that Moldova has to face additionally, he stressed.

Mateusz Morawiecki and Dorin ReceanPAP/Rafał Guz

– Moscow is threatening the government in Chisinau in various ways (…) and as usual it is trying to intimidate the people who want freedom. We in Poland understand it perfectly – said Morawiecki, adding that “thus, the efforts of the prime minister, the president and everyone in Moldova who are trying to arrange a peaceful life with their neighbors and become part of the European family of nations in a peaceful way should be appreciated institutionalized, i.e. part of the European Union.

– For Europe to be safe, we must ensure that Ukraine wins the war, that Russia loses it. Here, Moldova helps all peace-loving countries in initiatives aimed at stabilizing the situation in this part of the world, stabilizing the situation in the region, he stressed.

The head of the government announced that he had decided to “transfer 20 industrial power generators to Moldova to protect Moldovan hospitals and other public institutions against power outages.” – Our national carrier LOT is also developing air connections with Moldova. (…) This will also contribute to increasing the chances of economic connections between Moldova and Poland, he added.

Prime Minister of Moldova: We want to strengthen cooperation with Poland

Prime Minister Recean announced that the topic of talks with Morawiecki was the issue of security in the region, caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine, and bilateral cooperation between the countries was also on the agenda of the meeting.

He thanked Moldova for its support in the field of technology that helps to fight in hybrid warfare. – For us it is very important that we ensure peace in the region, but also stability. This gives us the opportunity to create a peaceful life for our citizens and the business world, he said.

– I would like to appreciate Poland’s contribution to our country’s modernization projects – emphasized Recean.

As the politician pointed out, “The Republic of Moldova benefits from the support of the Polish ‘Solidarity Fund’ foundation and the ‘Polish Aid’ platform, under which about 260 projects in the field of regional development of rural areas and agriculture have been organized and – what is important – also in the rule of law.” ‘Building resilient institutions is vitally important so that we can work for the well-being of our citizens and build Europe here with us,’ he added.

Prime Minister of Moldova: I want to thank Poland for the constant support given to our country TVN24

– We want to strengthen cooperation with the Republic of Poland – announced Recean. – The priority is agriculture and transport, but we also appreciate the broad program of cooperation in the field of home affairs, defense and digitalization, as well as cyber security – he emphasized. – Poland is already among the 10 largest, most important countries when it comes to trade with the Republic of Moldova – he added and invited Poles to see on the spot what are the investment opportunities in the field of energy, agriculture and digital services.

Recean announced that memoranda on the construction of railways, the extension of transport chains and renewable energy sources were signed at the Moldovan-Polish forum.

The politician thanked Prime Minister Morawiecki for his efforts to support Moldova in the process of European integration. – European integration is our internal policy. European integration means building institutions like in Europe, building our everyday life like in Europe, he stressed.

Main photo source: PAP/Rafał Guz

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