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Moldova. Protests in the streets of Chisinau organized by the pro-Russian opposition amid fears of destabilizing the country

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Thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, demanding subsidies for winter energy bills and “not involving the country in the war.” The Associated Press reported that the protests were organized by the pro-Russian opposition. Moldova, which is a neighbor of Ukraine, took a firm course towards independence from Moscow a year ago.

The protest in Chisinau was organized by a group calling itself Movement for the People and backed by members of the opposition pro-Russian party Sor, which has six seats in the 101-seat parliament Moldova. According to the Associated Press, demonstrators called on the country’s president Maia Sandu to resign, with one of the slogans being “Down with the dictatorship!”

Demonstration in ChisinauVLADISLAV CULIOMZA / Reuters / Forum

The demonstrators were transported in dozens of coaches from all over the country, causing traffic jams in Chisinau. The leader of the Sor party, an oligarch Ilan Sor who is outside Moldova, accused the police of “trying to thwart a peaceful rally”.

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“Fighting your own people is the last refuge of tyrants and the beginning of their downfall,” said Sor, who is under sanctions by the State Department, on Tuesday. USA as a person supporting Russian interests. According to the Moldovan authorities, a 35-year-old oligarch, hiding from the Moldovan justice system in Israeltogether with a group of his associates, takes actions that will deliberately escalate the tension in Chisinau.

Fears of destabilizing the country

Tuesday’s demonstration is Chisinau’s second anti-government rally in two weeks, organized by Sora as the country is threatened by destabilization.

NATO deputy chief: Kremlin can try in Moldova what it tried in 2006 in Montenegro

President Sandu made a statement on February 13 in which she announced that Russia has plans to overthrow the Moldovan government and subjugate the entire country to prevent it from joining the European Union. She said at the time that Moscow relies, among other things, on “criminal groups such as the Sor party.” The AP agency also reminds that the Moldovan government asked the country’s Constitutional Court to declare the Sor party illegal.



Tuesday’s protest came a day after the Moldovan Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) announced the expulsion of two foreigners who had been caught carrying out “subversive activities” to destabilize Moldova.

>> Sandu invites Biden to the land of “dangerous subliminal activities”

>> Moldovan intelligence detained foreigners. They were supposed to collect information “in order to destabilize the internal situation”

Moldova, a neighbor of Ukraine, has been signaling independence from Russia since the Russian aggression. Last week, President Sandu, during a speech Joe Biden in Arkady Kubicki, she was sitting in the first row next to the Polish presidential couple, and she heard from the American leader that “Citizens of Moldova want to live in freedom, which is why they are applying for membership in the European Union.” Sandu was also the only foreign leader with whom the American president spoke. The White House announced this in a statement.

Joe Biden and Maia Sandu during a meeting in Warsaw Facebook/maia.sandu

Moldova and TransnistriaPAP

Main photo source: VLADISLAV CULIOMZA / Reuters / Forum

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