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Mombasa-Warsaw flight. The Enter Air plane landed in Addis Ababa. Passengers say there was a fire on board

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An Enter Air plane flying from Mombasa, Kenya to Warsaw, landed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There were 167 people on board. A spokesman for the airline confirmed that a landing had taken place, but – as he said – it was not an emergency. According to passengers’ reports, there was fire at the rear of the plane before departure. According to Enter Air’s statement, the smoke was “most likely from one of the luggage”.

With the editorial office Contact 24 Polish tourists who were returning from Mombasa in Kenya to Warsaw. It was supposed to be a charter flight of a Polish trip. Tourists described that the plane, after taking the first group to Poland and returning to Kenya for the second group, had a 45-minute break between the two ten-hour flights.


Passengers: There was fire on the plane

According to their reports, there was a fire at the Kenyan airport on the plane they were supposed to return to the country. The location of the fire was not specified, only pointing to the “rear of the plane”. According to passengers’ reports, after the fire was extinguished, it was decided to release the plane with a group of 150 people.

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Mombasa-Warsaw flight. Passengers: the captain announced an engine failure

After about an hour – as tourists report – the captain of the plane informed about the failure of one of the engines.

There were huge quarrels and panic among the passengers on board over the fear of the situation. A moment later it turned out that our suitcases were not flying with us. Some people saw them in the foam

For this reason, the machine landed in the capital of Ethiopia. According to the Poles on board who contacted the editorial office of Kontakt 24, it was an emergency landing.

Quick instructions on how to behave, what position to take. We landed with a bang and hard braking, but all right! At first, they didn’t say where we were

Lot E41068 Enter AirFlightRadar24

Tourists said they were at the Addis Ababa airport, and some of them had not received their baggage. According to their report, some of the suitcases were to be left at the airport in Kenya.

Currently, a group of tourists is sleeping on the floor at an airport in Ethiopia. Half of the luggage after the fire was not taken on the planes, the airlines are reluctant to answer questions

Tourists had an emergency landing in EthiopiaContact 24 / Cuba

Enter Air spokesman: landing took place, there was no emergency

A spokesman for Enter Air confirmed to the editorial office of Kontakt 24 that the landing in the capital of Ethiopia had taken place. He did not describe it as an emergency landing. He added that “everything happened according to the rules.”

The line on this issue issued a statement.

The Boeing 737 800 with 167 passengers had to land in Ethiopia in accordance with the procedure due to incorrect readings during the flight on one of the engines. The exact causes of the problem are currently being investigated, but communication with Addis Ababa is very difficult. As we do not know yet what was the cause and whether the plane is operational, we send a second plane from Poland to pick up passengers. At the airport in Mombasa, before the departure of this machine, there was a separate case, the cause of which was the appearance of smoke in the trunk, most likely from one of the luggage.

Customers of Rainbow and TUI travel agencies traveled by plane. We asked tour operators about the details of this situation, we are waiting for an answer.

Main photo source: Contact 24 / Cuba

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