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Monday The glassworks coped with the draconian gas price increases. They saved all jobs

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A year ago, they were close to closing the company. They took a risk and now celebrate another year with a full line-up. The glassworks from Poniec (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) resigned from natural gas from a state-owned company in favor of imported gas from abroad. As a result, they saved 80 jobs.

In January last year, the Gloss glassworks received information about the increase natural gas prices from PGNiG. The price increased by several hundred percent, and thus the bills soared from PLN 400,000 a month to PLN 1.5 million. Bankruptcy loomed over the mill. 80 employees could lose their jobs.

They suspended production, found a solution

In April, the steelworks suspended production while trying to negotiate gas prices with PGNiG. Due to the fact that the talks did not bring any results, the authorities of the steelworks terminated the contract for the supply of gas and referred the case to court.

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The owners, however, did not stand idly by. They decided to look for a solution. And they found it – they decided to switch to LPG. In June, the work of the plant was resumed and no one was laid off.

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Gas flows further, but cheaper

Now, 12 tanks with a capacity of 6,700 liters each for LPG have been erected on the premises of the steelworks. He powers the plant. The stock is enough for four or five days, and the tanks are replenished on a regular basis, every two days. The furnaces have been heated with liquid gas since February. Changing the power supply means significant savings for the company, up to 30-40 percent from the lowest PGNiG offer.

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– This is absurd to me, because, for example, gas is extracted in the United States, refueled on tankers. It flows to us in Europe, either to Świnoujście or to the Netherlands gas terminals, then it is refueled on trains, transported to the company’s destination, then on trucks and brought to me. And it is – after all – a cheaper solution, which is absurd, than extraction in Kościan and sending this gas through a thread built in the 1990s to the plant. And we are talking about 30-40 kilometers in a straight line – Łukasz Busz, president of the board of Huta Szkła Gloss in Poniec, is surprised.

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