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Monika Horna-Cieślak is the only candidate for Children’s Ombudsman. It received the support of parliamentary committees

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Monika Horna-Cieślak is the joint candidate of the parliamentary majority for the position of Ombudsman for Children. On Monday, she received the support of parliamentary committees, previously of non-governmental organizations. Horna-Cieślak is an attorney with experience in the protection of children’s rights.

Monika Horna-Cieślak received the green light from parliamentary committees. She is a joint candidate for Children’s Rights Ombudsman, nominated by the Civic Coalition, the Left and Third Way. – She helped children and dealt with their problems – emphasizes Krystyna Szumilas, chairwoman of the education, science and youth committee, MP from the Civic Coalition. – He comes from a community associated with organizations, he is very close to students – adds Karolina Prus-Wirzbicka from the SOS Coalition for Education.

The candidate for spokeswoman is an attorney and activist. He specializes in children’s rights. She co-created the so-called Kamilka Act – an amendment to the law strengthening the protection of children against violence. – Hitting children is wrong, spanking is wrong. This is not the office of a political party, it is not the office of one man’s worldview. It cannot segregate anyone, it cannot discriminate against anyone, said Horna-Cieślak at a meeting of the parliamentary committee.

The committee meeting was not only an opportunity to present her vision of the office, but also to listen to the voice of social organizations.

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Monika Horna-Cieślak on the challenges related to the protection of children’s rightsTVN24

PiS did not propose its candidate

Monika Horna-Cieślak is the only candidate for Children’s Ombudsman, which means that Law and Justice did not nominate anyone. – We decided that since there is a majority in the Sejm, maybe it should choose its spokesman. We know that there is a certain majority in the Sejm. What’s more, she is so emotional that she negates everything related to Law and Justice – says Zbigniew Kuźmiuk, MEP from Law and Justice.

Five years ago, Law and Justice appointed Mikołaj Pawlak as its spokesman until December 14. Pawlak appeared in the Sejm wearing an anti-abortion T-shirt. He was criticized for saying that “a slap does not leave a big mark”, and he said about the in vitro method that “from the legal and moral point of view, it is a wicked method.” – She was not a person who helped students or children – says Łukasz Korzeniowski from the Dead Statutes Association and the SOS Coalition for Education. – Mr. Mikołaj Pawlak was an idiot for children’s rights – says Katarzyna Lubnauer, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

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Therefore, there is hope that the new person in the position of the Ombudsman for Children will not be a person convenient to the authorities. – First of all, to fight for young people, for our rights and our good – emphasizes Paweł Mrozek from the Children and Youth Sejm. – The new Ombudsman has a very difficult job ahead of her, because we need to restore the importance of this office – notes Marek Michalak, former Ombudsman for Children.

The parliamentary vote on the election of the new Ombudsman for Children is scheduled for Tuesday.

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