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Monika Olejnik is fighting breast cancer. The TVN24 journalist writes about the disease and reminds about the tests

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Monika Olejnik was diagnosed with breast cancer. The TVN24 journalist reported the illness on Sunday. In an entry published on social media, she appealed to followers of her profile not to neglect regular examinations.

“In one of the almost sunny months of 2024, I heard the diagnosis” – started Monika Olejnik's entry on Instagram. In its further content, the host of “Kropka nad i” explained that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. As she noted, she had already undergone surgery due to the disease, after which “things are better.” “I am taking on new challenges and I feel good,” she said.

The TVN24 journalist appealed to others to get tested regularly and “not to give up after the tests.” “Please be active in sports,” Olejnik appealed. As she explained, her passion for sports and systematic training for over 20 years have helped her a lot. “I had the strength I needed,” the journalist writes.

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Monika Olejnik about the fight against cancer

Encouraging preventive tests, Monika Olejnik emphasized that they can help detect cancer early and “save lives.” “Don't be afraid to ask doctors what else is worth testing!” – she appealed. “If you devote just one minute a month to the question – Do you undergo preventive examinations? We will all be happier,” she said.

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In the entry, the journalist also thanked the journalist for the kindness and care shown to her recently. “Thank you for every word of empathy,” she wrote. There are many of them under Monika Olejnik's entry. Expressions of support were posted by colleagues from the TVN24 station, Polish actors, musicians and athletes, as well as numerous fans of the journalist. “We are with you,” assured Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska. “A lot of strength and health” – wished Radomir Wit. “Monia, if I were cancer, I wouldn't mess with you! I keep my fingers crossed,” wrote Damian Małachowski. “Undying optimism and quick regeneration! I send you hugs” – added Natalia Kukulska.

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