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Monthly ticket for 9 euros in Germany and solutions in other countries

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Our western neighbors have a price of 9 euros until the end of the holidays for traveling by public transport throughout the country. In the first month, 21 million people used the cheap ticket. Spain is following in the footsteps of the Germans, taking it even a step further – tickets will be free on some rail routes. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

A monthly ticket for 9 euros did in Germany a sensation – from the beginning of June, you can buy a ticket from our western neighbors, which entitles you to an unlimited number of journeys by public transport throughout the country.

The cheap ticket was to help the Germans deal with the growing fuel prices and energy. It was successful – around 21 million people have already taken advantage of the offer, and the number of rail journeys over some distances has increased by as much as 42 percent. – This is a huge leap forward and a huge success – admits Aleksander Kierecki from transinfo.pl

The positive effect of the project is also the reduction of traffic jams on the roads. – Out of 26 large cities, 23 recorded very large drops in terms of car travel. Hamburg is the largest, as much as 20 percent – emphasizes Adrian Furgalski, the president of the board of the TOR Economic Advisors Team.

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Western countries are encouraging the abandonment of carsShutterstock

In Spain, free tickets on some routes

They follow in the footsteps of the Germans Spaniards. From September 1 until the end of the year, rail travel will be free on some of the Spanish routes. – Using the services of the local carrier, you can travel at will on sections of up to 30 kilometers – explains Aleksander Kierecki.

The promotion does not apply to long-distance travel and one-way tickets. – They want to achieve the same, so that people give up cars – explains Adrian Furgalski.

European countries are encouraging the abandonment of cars

Other European countries are also encouraging them to give up cars. In Austria, you can buy a discounted “climate ticket”. A year of travel across the country costs € 1,039, which is a big saving compared to the fuel price.

In Belgium Until the end of August, the Duo Ticket is valid, which allows two people to travel for the price of one ticket. On the other hand, the Czech Republic encourages cheap travel around the country with promotional tickets for one and two weeks. – This shows that public transport is absorbent, it is enough to promote it well – says Kierecki.

New PKP offer

In Poland, you will not find such attractive offers as in Germany or Spain, but PKP Intercity has also prepared promotions. A new feature is the travel offer for groups of two to six people, which can reduce travel costs by 30 percent.

– After eleven days of validity, it turned out to be a bull’s eye. Over 100,000 tickets have been bought, almost 300,000 people will be able to travel cheaply – admits Furgalski.

Even at the end of the 1980s, about a billion passengers in Poland were used every year. – In recent years, transport has been in the range of 300-330 million passengers per year. This is a threefold decrease. At the same time, we had a threefold increase in carbon dioxide emissions – says Marek Józefiak from Greenpeace Polska.

The Polish government has been investing in highways and expressways for years, neglecting collective rail and bus transport. Traveling by car is now the fastest and most convenient solution, which is why Poles are so reluctant to give it up.

– Only four out of ten respondents travel by bicycle, some 38 percent use public transport, and every fourth train, but at the same time almost half admit that they could give up the car – emphasizes Urszula Stefanowicz, expert of the Climate Coalition.

The condition is cheaper, but most of all more accessible public transport.

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