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Moon conjunction with Jupiter. When to look at the sky? “Be sure to hunt for this phenomenon”

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Tonight you will be able to see the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter. The largest planet in our solar system is currently the brightest object in the sky. “The conjunction will be perfectly visible to the unaided eye,” wrote Karol Wójcicki, author of the blog “With Your Head in the Stars,” on social media.

A unique astronomical phenomenon awaits us – the conjunction of our natural satellite and the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter. It’s worth looking at the sky tonight, especially since the weather will be favorable.

“The Moon, which is getting smaller every night, will today be close to bright Jupiter and the open cluster M45, i.e. the popular Pleiades, returning to our sky. The conjunction will be perfectly visible to the unaided eye,” wrote Karol Wójcicki, popularizer of astronomy and author of the blog, on social media “With your head in the stars”. He added that Jupiter is currently the brightest point object in the sky. “It appears over the eastern horizon shortly after sunset, but it looks best after 11 p.m., when it rises above the line of trees and buildings,” Wójcicki wrote.

A conjunction is a phenomenon in which the celestial bodies are aligned in one line from the observer’s point of view. Most often, we are dealing with a conjunction of two or three planets or a conjunction of a planet with the Moon.


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Moon conjunction with Jupiter

The popularizer of astronomy wrote that if we point binoculars, or even better, a telescope, at Jupiter, we will be able to easily see its four largest moons, the so-called Galilean Moons: Io, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa.

“At around 4:36 a.m. one of these moons – Io – will enter Jupiter’s shadow! For a few minutes you will be able to observe how the moon slowly loses brightness and disappears. If you have an optical instrument, be sure to hunt for this phenomenon” – wrote Wójcicki.

If we want to see the phenomenon clearly, it is best to go to a place away from buildings and artificial light emitted, for example, by street lamps.

The weather should be favorable when admiring the sky that night. Check the details.

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