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Moon-Jupiter conjunction 2024. When to watch this phenomenon?

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On Thursday evening, you can observe the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in the sky. These two celestial bodies came closer to each other. The largest planet in the solar system can be seen with the naked eye.

The Moon’s approach to Jupiter, a phenomenon called conjunction, occurred on Thursday at 9:10 p.m. Two objects are separated by 2.1 degrees in the sky. From the observer’s point of view, they line up and appear to be very close to each other. At this time, slightly more than half of the disk of the Earth’s natural satellite, which is approaching full moon, was illuminated.

Jupiter can be seen from around 4:30 p.m., with the Moon becoming visible earlier. Both bodies will be high above the southeastern horizon. They will set below the horizon around 1 a.m.

Jupiter, a bright point in the sky

The next day, Friday, January 19, there will be another conjunction, this time of the Moon with the planet Uranus, but in this case you need a telescope to see Uranus. Jupiter, however, can be easily seen with the naked eye as a very bright point of light. In turn, when you look at Jupiter through a telescope, you can see four of its moons (the so-called Galilean moons), as well as cloud belts in the planet’s atmosphere.

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Conjunctions of the Moon with bright planets, or conjunctions between planets, are very spectacular astronomical phenomena. There is no need to admire them exactly at the moment of conjunction, it can be done, for example, an hour before or after this moment. Usually, even the day before and the day after the moment of conjunction, the view in the sky is also interesting.

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