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Moose in Bydgoszcz. “He was calm, he was lying under a tree, as if he was resting tired from the heat”

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The elk was lying under a tree in one of the squares in Bydgoszcz. – He was calm, as if he was resting – says the author of the recording we received on Kontakt 24. The residents informed the police about the moose walking around the city. The officers – after consulting the veterinarian – followed the animal to check whether it posed a threat on the road.

A resident of Bydgoszcz met an elk on Friday afternoon during a bike ride. On the recording we received on Contact 24 you can see an animal resting – in the square under one of the trees. The moose does not seem to mind the presence of a man recording it. – We watched him for a few minutes. He was calm, he was lying under a tree, as if he was resting tired of the heat – says Mr. Łukasz, the author of the recording.

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A police car was supposed to be standing next to it. “It looked like they were watching him”

According to the man, a police car was standing right next to it. – He was behind the bushes. It looked as if they were guarding him. My wife and I were in a bit of a rush, so we left after a few minutes and we don’t know what happened next. On the internet, however, I saw videos of him walking around other parts of the city. The first time I met such a large animal up close is an unusual sight – emphasizes the author of the recording.

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Police: as evening approached, the animal wandered off into the woods

The policemen actually knew about the case of a moose that was walking around Bydgoszcz. – Police officers received a report of a moose seen in Cmentarna Street. After reaching the place, it turned out that the animal had moved to Tucholska Street. There, a veterinarian was called, who said that the moose was calm and posed no threat. There was no need to put him to sleep, the animal was not aggressive – reports Commissioner Lidia Kowalska, press officer of the Bydgoszcz police. And he adds: – The veterinarian said that, in accordance with the nature of the animal, he will return to the forest in the evening. The policemen followed him to make sure he did not pose a threat on the road. In fact, as evening approached, the animal retreated into the bushes.

Main photo source: Contact 24 / Twardy

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