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More and more people suffer from panic attacks. “We don’t listen to our bodies”

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More and more people struggle with panic attacks. According to experts, the problem is so serious that it can already be called an anxiety epidemic. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath and trembling hands, but it may be different for everyone.

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– I felt like I was dying – says Sabina Mil, who had her first panic attack several years ago, but still remembers this feeling. – It’s as if a tsunami was hitting us and we don’t know what to do at that moment – he says. She was taken straight from work by an ambulance. Then the fear of anxiety appeared, i.e. another attack, and effectively took away the joy of life for years. – I stopped working and going out to people, I lost weight, I weighed 42 kilos. Virtually all my hair fell out. I was just a wreck, says Sabina.

– A panic attack is like dying while you’re alive, adds Nicola Sipa, who also struggles with this disorder. – A feeling of unreality, fainting, a stinging feeling in the chest – he explains. Neurosis confined her to four walls. Anxiety made everyday functioning difficult. – It can make it difficult to leave the house, make shopping in the store, go somewhere by car, or take the child to kindergarten – he enumerates.

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“You have to start living”

According to experts, we can already talk about an anxiety epidemic. More and more people are struggling with panic attacks, which they describe as like dying, and this is not an exaggeration. – Our body is fighting to death at this moment and we may feel the same way – Marcin Matych, psychotherapist.

Symptoms of a panic attack include dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath or trembling hands, but it may be different for everyone. According to the WHO, anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorder in the world. In 2019, over 300 million people had them. Excessive anxiety is an inglorious achievement of the 21st century. – We are busy, we have too much on our minds. We don’t allow ourselves to rest and we don’t listen to our bodies, explains Monika Dzikowska, a psychotherapist.

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But you can and even need to work with fear. Ms. Sabina hasn’t had panic attacks for years and wrote a book on how to deal with them. Mrs. Nicola is on the road to recovery. – It’s really possible to return to normality, but you have to understand it, accept it, be able to let go, says Nicola Sipa.

It is worth changing something, because excessive fear is often a signpost. – Panic attacks can be a very important signal: slow down, look at yourself, take care of yourself – emphasizes Marcin Matych.

Ms. Sabina’s recovery was helped by, among other things, sport, but also by many big changes. – I waited to live my life until I was cured of my neurosis, but the relationship was the opposite. You have to start living to heal from this neurosis, emphasizes Sabina Mil.

Author:Dominika Ziółkowska

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