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More expensive meals in Warsa. How much will we pay for lunch on the train?

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PKP Intercity customers will once again pay more for meals served in Warsa. The refreshed menu includes several new items, but also higher prices for breakfasts, lunches and alcoholic beverages.

A refreshed menu has appeared in Wars dining cars, including new, higher prices of the meals offered. In some cases, more expensive also means more, because the weight of the dishes has been slightly increased.

New price list in Warsa – how much do you have to pay?

The current Wars menu is available not only in dining cars, but also on the company's website. It is worth emphasizing that PKP IC has three menus depending on the train category – Intercity, Express Intercity Premium and Express Intercity. Their prices are the same, but the offer is slightly different.

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The standard Wars menu includes, among others a set with pork chop, for which you have to pay PLN 43 – it is a 500 g portion with potatoes and a set of salads. This is an increase of one zloty compared to the previous price list, but here the higher price is associated with a larger grammage, because previously the meal weighed 460 g.

They are also more expensive by a zloty dumplings (7 pcs.), which cost PLN 32. It is worth emphasizing that in January last year their price was PLN 28.50. If we want to buy soup with the main course, we will pay PLN 18 for it and in this case the price remains unchanged. In the main courses category, you will also find new items such as cabbage rolls for PLN 33 or cauliflower cutlet for PLN 30.

People who decide to have breakfast at Warsa will pay at least PLN 21, as this is the price of scrambled eggs with butter, the price of which has not changed. Hot frankfurters, priced at PLN 24, increased by one zloty. The most expensive breakfast offer is Polish breakfast for PLN 28.

More expensive coffee and alcohol in Wars

Wars' offer also includes desserts at a constant price of PLN 15 per portion. Unfortunately, we will pay a zloty more for coffee. Currently, an espresso costs PLN 10, black coffee – PLN 12, and a cappuccino – PLN 15.

Fans of alcoholic beverages will also be dissatisfied, because: most beers cost PLN 16. The most expensive craft beer on the menu is PLN 18 (previously PLN 17).

Wars already referred to the higher prices of meals last year, explaining that the food may be more expensive, but it is much healthier than in dining cars outside Poland. – We are one of the few European carriers to use slow food cuisine. In many countries outside Poland, dishes are heated in a microwave and packed in sets prepared long before serving (they contain many preservatives to maintain a longer expiration date), the company explained.

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