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More names on the list of “good change” millionaires. “The way they secured themselves (…) is shocking”

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During the election campaign, a traveling “millionaires’ avenue” appeared with the earnings of various presidents associated with the United Right. Now the financial data is much more complete and it turns out that the list is getting longer.

Wojciech Jasiński, dismissed on Friday along with the entire previous supervisory board of PKO BP, still sits on the supervisory board of Orlen. Only in these two positions and only in 2022 he earned over PLN 350,000. Jasiński was also the president of Orlen for over two years, where he was supposed to earn up to PLN 4 million in total, which – after including bonuses, awards and severance pay – could have given him over PLN 150,000 gross on average per month.

Wojciech Jasiński’s earningsFakty TVN

In 2018, the president of Orlen Jasiński was replaced by Daniel Obajtek, who was dismissed by the supervisory board on Thursday. According to the company’s official reports, Obajtek earned almost PLN 10 million in these 5 years alone, which in 2022 alone – including all bonuses and variable remuneration – gives him an average of over PLN 200,000 gross per month.

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Daniel Obajtek’s earningsFakty TVN

– These are truly astronomical amounts – says Agnieszka Pomaska, an MP from the Civic Platform. In the report, the MP collected the earnings of members of management and supervisory boards of companies in which, among others, former PiS politicians sat. – The problem was that these nominations were political and strategic companies of the State Treasury were supposed to perform political tasks, not tasks in terms of business economics – says Pomaska.

– The way they have secured themselves for the coming years is shocking. In the Ministry of Culture, I see how the Polish state, how Poles were simply robbed every day, says Minister of Culture Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus and adds that “institutions were created for colleagues so that they could have high salaries.”

Motyka: there are fat cats who are not afraid of President KaczyńskiTVN24

“We will hold all these people accountable”

Janina Goss sat on three supervisory boards during the PiS government. As calculated by the “Fakt” daily, she could have earned up to one and a half million zlotys during this time.

In turn, former Law and Justice MP Małgorzata Sadurska, who still sits on the management board of PZU – according to the annual report for 2022 – in this year alone, she earned over PLN 2 million, which is almost PLN 170,000 gross per month. Sadurska has been in this position for almost 7 years.

Małgorzata Sadurska’s earningsFakty TVN

– The declaration is clear: we will hold all these people accountable, we will make public the earnings of PiS nominees and we will show the public the scale of abuse – assures Aleksandra Gajewska, deputy minister of family, labor and social policy.

According to the findings of Wirtualna Polska journalists, who analyzed the earnings of over 150 people associated with United Right politicians and employed in the authorities of 19 companies, as many as ninety of them became millionaires during that time, earning a total of over PLN 410 million.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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