More than eight degrees higher than the norm. An anticyclone hits France


Thanks to the anticyclone, France is still at mid-summer temperatures. In most of the country, the temperature already reaches over 25 degrees, and locally even 33 degrees is possible. French meteorologists said it was eight degrees higher than the long-term average for October.

The weekend brings surprisingly high temperatures to France. Already on Friday, forecasts appeared predicting that thermometers will show values ​​unusual for October. Perhaps they will last longer than the end of the week.

Impact of the anticyclone

Forecasters from the French meteorological agency Meteo France said that the October heat is a consequence of the presence of an anticyclone. In their forecasts, they wrote that because of it, the temperature would be “unprecedented at the end of the season” at times.

On Saturday, it was the warmest in the south of the country. In the afternoon, thermometers in many towns in Occitania and in the south of New Aquitaine reached 30-31 degrees Celsius. In the center, west and east of the country there were places where thermometers showed 24-26 degrees Celsius.

New records may be broken

The heat will continue on Sunday and probably on Monday as well. Forecasters expect that in the coming days the temperature will be as much as eight degrees Celsius higher than the long-term norm. Residents of most of the country are supposed to see at least 25 degrees on thermometers. The further south, the warmer, even 30-33 degrees Celsius is possible there.

Experts from Meteo-France do not rule out that new heat records will be broken during this time.

Main photo source: ENEX

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