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Morning after pill. Waldemar Buda and Aleksandra Leo about the draft regulation

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It's good that this nonsense was not signed, PiS MP Waldemar Buda said about the president's veto on the morning-after pill bill. The MP did not want to answer the question about the effect of the pill, but according to him, the decision to take it should be made with “consultation with a doctor who asks about contraindications.” – The current law is absurd. A 15-year-old girl can start having sexual intercourse, but she cannot go to the gynecologist on her own, said Aleksandra Leo from Poland 2050.

On Wednesday, the website of the Government Legislation Center published information that “the draft regulation of the Minister of Health on the pilot program of pharmacist care for patients in the field of reproductive health” has been submitted for public consultation.

The regulation on the draft pilot program is “plan B”, announced by the Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczyna, after the president's veto. Andrzej Duda decided not to sign the amendment to the act on the so-called morning-after pills, which would make them available over the counter for people over 15 years of age. “The basic justification for the decision of the President of the Republic of Poland is the will to respect constitutional rights and the standard of health protection of children,” said the Chancellery of the President.

Leo: the current law is absurd

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In “Kropka nad i” this matter was commented on by Aleksandra Leo (Polska 2050, Trzecia Droga) and Waldemar Buda (PiS).

Aleksandra Leo stated that thanks to this regulation, “emergency contraception will also be available to fifteen-year-olds.”

– This is crucial because the current law is absurd. A 15-year-old girl can start sexual intercourse according to Polish law, but she cannot go to a gynecologist on her own, without the participation of her parents or legal guardians, said Leo.

Buda on the president's veto: it's good that this crap wasn't signed

– It's good that this nonsense was not signed, because as the father of a fourteen-year-old, soon to be fifteen-year-old, I can't imagine that she makes the decision about the pill on her own – said Buda, referring to the presidential veto.

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He said that no one decides whether sexual intercourse is allowed from the age of 15. – A child who is 16 or 15 years old obviously has the right to have sexual intercourse (…). This key decision (to take the morning-after pill – editor) should be made with the slightest consultation of a doctor who asks about contraindications and asks about other health problems. Who will be responsible if such a girl takes a few pills or something happens? – he said.

When asked if he knew how the morning-after pill worked, he replied yes. However, he did not explain how the pill worked. – Let the editor ask the experts about it, he said.

– I am against it because it is a very important decision that is imposed on the child and today we talk about consent: do not go to your parent, do not go to the doctor, make this decision yourself, because politicians have decided about it – he argued.

When asked about the consequences of taking a pill, he said that “they are certainly not neutral for the body, if three or four.”

President Andrzej Duda expressed a similar tone during a conversation with the correspondent of “Fakty” TVN, Marcin Wrona. He said then that he had “nothing against the existence of this pill”, but described completely free access to it for minors as “a far-reaching exaggeration”. He added that he “has nothing against” a person under 18 years of age using emergency contraception if necessary, “if such is the decision of the family or parent.” – Let it happen with the consent of the mother and father, and not for the girl to buy a pill and, for example, take five at a time, just in case – said the president.

– The President is trying to be a greater expert than the European Medicines Agency, which introduced this morning-after pill without a prescription in Europe many years ago – commented Aleksandra Leo.

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Leo: “grandma's” helps women become active in returning to workTVN24

Leo: “grandma's” allows women to become professionally active

During Wednesday's pre-election meeting of KO in Krakow, the Prime Minister delivered the “good news”, i.e. he informed what would happen next with one of KO's program proposals – presented before the parliamentary elections in October last year. – the so-called grandmother's allowance, i.e. a monthly benefit of PLN 1,500 for child care. He announced that “the first 'grandmother's allowance' will be paid this year.”

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– This is a very good decision because it helps women become more active in returning to work after maternity leave. We know how difficult it is. Women know how difficult it is. Such a return to work and such a move allows for the professional activation of women, said Aleksandra Leo.

Buda also admitted that it was a good project, but it was not implemented – as promised – within 100 days of the new government. – A very good idea announced for the 100 days of the government. It was supposed to be implemented on March 21, but even the draft bill and assumptions are not in the ministry. (…) Therefore, delayed implementation, if it occurs, is very good. It's a pity that not in 100 days – said Buda.

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