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Morocco, earthquake. Polish humanitarian organizations organize collections. How to help

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Residents of the most remote villages in the mountainous areas that suffered the most in the earthquake last week in Morocco spent another night in makeshift shelters. They lack food, food and hygiene products. Tens of thousands of houses collapsed. The death toll from the disaster is almost three thousand, and the number of injured is almost twice as many. Polish charity organizations that organize help for the injured include the Polish Humanitarian Action and Caritas Polska.

The earthquake that occurred late Friday evening killed 2,946 people and injured 5,674 people, according to the latest official data released on Thursday. The epicenter was 72 kilometers southwest of Marrakech. The people most affected by the disaster were the people in the High Atlas Mountains region. It was the deadliest earthquake in Morocco since 1960 and the strongest since at least 1900.

Roads to some destroyed mountain villages are still blocked and the chances of finding survivors under the rubble are fading, Reuters reported. Some residents are still searching the ruins of their collapsed houses with their bare hands.

Residents of mountainous areas are waiting for help

In large cities, shelters prepared by the government have been established for the injured, consisting of large tents and military field hospitals, but residents of devastated mountain areas spend subsequent nights in makeshift shelters, they lack food and water – writes Reuters.

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In conversations with journalists, they said they were frustrated by the lack of help from the authorities. Many people do not have access to electricity or telephone networks.

The court of the King of Morocco said in a statement on Thursday that 50,000 houses were damaged and said it would provide shelter to those affected by the disaster and would donate 30,000 dirahmas (about PLN 35,000) to affected households. A total of PLN 220,000 will be donated for the reconstruction of destroyed and damaged houses. dirhams (approx. PLN 260,000).

Moroccan authorities are assisted in the rescue operation by teams from Spain, the UK and Qatar. The army is trying to deliver aid to the mountainous regions of Morocco. Volunteers also get there.

Polish organizations collect money for Morocco

Polish humanitarian organizations that organize help for those affected by the earthquake include the Polish Humanitarian Action. On Thursday, it was announced on social media that a team of volunteers was in the High Atlas Mountains. As it was written, together with the local partner, Action For Humanity provided blankets and hygiene products for 100 people and hot meals for 500 people.

“The destruction caused by the earthquake is brutal. Villages razed to the ground, houses collapsed, large boulders in the middle of the streets,” described Helena Krajewska, a member of the Immediate Aid Team.

PAH is conducting a collection for those affected by the earthquake on the website siepomaga.pl.

Caritas Polska also announced a collection to help victims of the disaster. Support can be provided by sending an SMS with the word MOROCCO to the number 72052 (PLN 2.46 including VAT) or by depositing any amount into your account 77 1160 2202 0000 0000 3436 4384 with the note “MOROCOCO”.

At the beginning, the organization donated PLN 100,000 to Moroccan Caritas. PLN for power generators, water, food, tents and blankets.

On Thursday, it was reported on the X platform (formerly Twitter) that “a Caritas humanitarian transport with supplies reached the village of Asdrofulus, 50 km from Marrakech. The injured received, among others, canned goods, clothing, water, tents, gas cylinders, electricity generators and medicines.” “Field hospitals were established.”

You can also help the injured through the Polish Red Cross by paying any amount into the account 13 1160 2202 0000 0000 2987 3563 with the note “To help MOROCCO”.

Joint collection for humanitarian aid to people affected by the earthquake in Morocco and floods in Libyarun by the Polish Medical Mission on the website pomocam.pl.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA

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