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Mortgage. Record average amount of loan for an apartment – BIK data for July 2021

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In July, a total of 43.08 thousand potential borrowers applied for mortgage loans. This represents an increase of 11.2 percent year on year and a decrease of 9.7 percent compared to June, according to the latest data from the Credit Information Bureau. The average amount of the requested loan is growing, a new record has been set.

Average value of the requested loan in July this year. was 328.0 thous. PLN and was higher by 14.6 percent. from the value of July 2020. For comparison, in June this year it was 326.72 thousand. zloty.

Mortgage – average amount

Prof. Waldemar Rogowski, the chief analyst of the Credit Information Bureau, pointed out that the average amount of the requested housing loan “is once again record-breaking in the entire history”. “In July 2021, the average amount of the requested loan was PLN 41.7 thousand higher than a year ago” – he indicated.

According to BIK data, compared to January this year, the average amount of the requested loan increased by PLN 21.5 thousand. PLN, or 7 percent.

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Housing prices

According to Rogowski, “the increase in the average amount of the requested loan to the record amount of PLN 328 thousand reflects the current situation on the housing market, i.e. the increase in the average PUM price (Residential Usable Area – ed.)”.

“In this case, however, it is important what is the relationship between the average wage and the price per square meter of new residential space. For example, in Warsaw it is estimated that it is currently around 0.49, which means that the average net wage in the enterprise sector can be buy less than half a square meter of a new apartment. Compared to 2018, this ratio slightly decreased from 0.53 to 0.49 “- said the analyst.

In his opinion, “this may be one of the factors limiting the demand for a mortgage.”

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