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Mosin. They have a problem with an exotic visitor. They have known Ara for a long time, but now her behavior is supposed to be a nuisance

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Some residents of Mosina near Poznań complain about the macaw parrot. It has been well known to the locals for several years. She managed to gain a nickname and gain fans online. However, it has become more noticeable lately.

The parrot, which the residents of Mosina called “MosiniAra”, has been regularly appearing in the city for several years. An exotic guest no longer surprises anyone. She gained fame and got her own hashtag – #mosinara. There are numerous photos and videos of her on the web. Now some are complaining that it has become a nuisance. It is supposed to accost and attack cyclists, sit on cars and even try to fly into them.

“I witnessed this parrot fly so low that one woman had to duck her head and fell over on her bicycle,” writes an Internet user on one of the local forums.

“Supposedly innocent…”

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There’s even a video circulating online showing a parrot trying to get into one of the cars. “She wanted to invade our car, where the children were sitting. She was innocent, but she plucked the rubber from the window as if she wanted to get inside. The children were scared at the end and the parrot did not want to fly away,” wrote the owner of the vehicle.

To Mosinska city ​​guard however, there have been no reports of danger or damage that macaw would cause. There are no such reports from the police.

The parrot is not a stray, as the residents claim, it has an owner.

Main photo source: Julia Hrynvaks

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