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Mosquito repellents. Sweden warns against these products. Serious consequences

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Mosquito bites can be extremely bothersome, so every year we look for new solutions to effectively repel these insects. There is a whole range of products available on the market – from well-known aerosols, to bandages and even patches to be applied to the skin.

These last two products have become the subject of analysis by Swedish experts. The conclusions are disturbing.

Mosquito repellents can cause allergies

Dermatologist Susanna Sandberg from the clinic in Karlstad warns that applying mosquito repellent patches directly to the skin may cause contact allergy. The doctor explained in an interview with P4 Värmland radio that after applying the patch we become exposed to intense exposure to the agent contained in the product, which increases the risk of an allergic reaction.

Similar effectt can also be caused by mosquito repellent bandswhich also remain in close contact with the skin for a long time.

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In Sweden, the sale of mosquito bracelets and patches is banned. Illegal trade is flourishing

Despite the provisions in force Sweden restrictions, banned substances still appear on the local market. Susanna Sandberg emphasizes that such action is not only illegal, but above all harmful, because these products are dedicated to families with children. These in turn are even more vulnerable to the toxic effects of patches and bracelets.

– It's disturbing because children have very thin skin – emphasizes the dermatologist.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency also issued a warning on this matter.

Natural mosquito repellents. They do not pose a threat to humans

People who are afraid of using chemical mosquito repellents can use natural repellents. In the case of mosquitoes, it is oils – including lavender, eucalyptus or clove. Their natural aromas effectively discourage mosquitoes from appearing nearby.

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