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Moszczanica. The body of an elderly woman at home, the son-in-law was charged with the murder of his mother-in-law

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The charge of murder of 74-year-old Krystyna G. was heard on Monday by her son-in-law, 54-year-old Józef B. Preliminary autopsy results confirm that the woman died as a result of her injuries, including stab wounds to the abdomen. Her body was found on Saturday morning in Moszczanica in Podkarpacie. The man was drunk when he was arrested.

The body of an elderly woman was found on Saturday (June 17) in the morning in her house in Moszczanica in the Lubaczów district in Podkarpacie. As reported at the time, the woman had four stab wounds to the abdomen and defensive marks on her hands. On the spot, the police detained her son-in-law – 54-year-old Józef B. He was drunk. A knife with traces of blood was found.

A bloody knife was found at the scene

The investigation is conducted by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubaczów. As its head, prosecutor Agnieszka Nieckarz-Proszek, announced on Monday, according to the preliminary opinion of the autopsy carried out on Monday, the death occurred in connection with the injuries found on the victim’s body.

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These injuries come from blows with a sharp-edged tool and a blunt-edged tool, the head of the Lubaczów prosecutor’s office said.

When asked about four stab wounds to the abdomen, which the prosecutor’s office reported on Saturday, she replied that the injuries were more numerous. For the time being, she declined further information, stating that the results of the autopsy are preliminary and may change after further research. – The expert is still working. Biological and procedural material will be secured – explained prosecutor Nieckarz-Proszek.

She added that several knives were found at the scene of the murder, including one with traces of blood. She noted that these marks were not visible to the naked eye, but were revealed by a forensic technician after applying chemicals.

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He was charged with murder

Józef B. was charged under Article 148, paragraph 1 of the Penal Code, which concerns homicide. This shall be punishable by imprisonment for a period of not less than eight years, 25 years in prison or life imprisonment.

Article 148. § 1. Whoever kills a person shall be subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a period of not less than 8 years, the penalty of deprivation of liberty for 25 years or the penalty of deprivation of liberty for life.

The prosecutor added that it is possible that the charge announced on Monday to the suspect will be modified “if the findings of the ongoing proceedings allow it”.

She also announced that the prosecutor’s office would apply to the court on Monday for the detention of Józef B. for three months.

A gruesome discovery – a relative found a body

Krystyna G. was murdered on Saturday morning. Her body was found by a family member around 7 p.m. 10, and before 11 o’clock the police were on the spot, who found the woman’s drunken son-in-law – 54-year-old Józef B. The man – as reported by the services at the time – had two per mille of alcohol in his blood. He has been stopped.

74-year-old Krystyna G. lived in the same house with her daughter and son-in-law – a senior on the ground floor and a married couple on the first floor. The family was conflicted.

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