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“Mothers to the Border”. Hajnówka protest

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– For about two months, it has been difficult for me and many people from here to think about anything other than people in the forest – said one of the inhabitants of Hajnówka during the demonstration. On Saturday another protest of “Mother to the Border” began there. People from other Polish cities also came to the meeting.

“A safe border is one where no one dies”, “Humanity is my homeland”, “The place of children is not in the forest”. With such slogans, the protest of “Mothers to the Border” began after 2 pm on Saturday. In front of the Hajnówka City Hall on Aleksego Zina Street, people from Kraków, Tri-City, Białystok, Warsaw and Wrocław met. In this way, they want to express their support and solidarity with the local community and doctors who save the lives of migrants every day.

The meeting began with the speech of the inhabitants of Hajnowka.

– For about two months, it has been difficult for me and many people from here to think about anything other than the people in the forest. It’s so hard that some people do not even mention the words “refugee”, “immigrant”, they only ask, and you met someone there in the forest? Yes, I have met many times. I met because I went looking. I went looking, because I had to help – said Ewa.


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She added that she, her friends and neighbors are trying to help by organizing fundraisers, running a warehouse and visiting hospitals. As he says, the Białowieża Forest, which he has known for several decades, is no longer “a place of peace and quiet”.

– This is already a place of suffering for me. I am not able to walk calmly, admire it (Białowieża Forest – ed.), Or breathe. All the time I think about seeing someone. I will meet someone who is fighting for his life and someone who needs help badly – she said.

She added that what was happening there “often touched the limits of humanity”.

Hajnówka protestTVN24

Katarzyna, who is also trying to help migrants, also took the floor.

– Forest, help, life. These words acquired a new, often terrifying dimension for us, because the forest has become a place where people die. Help, despite the fact that there is no war in our country, began to consist in the fact that giving someone water or warm clothes saves that person from loss of health or even death. It also turned out that life is perceived by some in terms of a privilege guaranteed by a passport of a given country. Fortunately, the word friendship was also verified and it turned out that there are many beautiful people who give each other strength – she said.

“Together we will prove that Polish women and Poles are decent”

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Martyna Wojciechowska, among others, also announced her participation in the protest in Hajnówka.

“The unprecedented humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border requires a firm commitment today. In order to save the health and life of people, including small children, who are kept in the forests on the border, they freeze, starve, suffer, the actions of social activists, volunteers, medics and residents are not enough. local communities. To help migrants and refugees, we need decisive support and solidarity from Polish local governments, cultural institutions, entrepreneurs, and the widest possible community. Together we will prove that Poles are decent “- write the organizers of the campaign.

A similar protest is also taking place on Saturday in Warsaw.

Main photo source: TVN24

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