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Motion for a vote of no confidence in Przemysław Czarnek and the villa plus program. Questions to the Minister of Education

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The head of the education and science ministry, Przemysław Czarnek, was in the Sejm on Wednesday, but not on the committee that was debating that day on the motion to express no confidence in him. The head of the MEiN about issues related to this application, but also about the program commonly known as Willa plus, was asked by TVN24 reporter Agata Adamek.

The Parliamentary Committee on Science, Education and Youth met on Wednesday at meeting regarding the opinion on the vote of no confidence in the head of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Przemysław Czarnek. The minister did not appear at the meeting, the deputy head of the ministry, Tomasz Rzymkowski, was delegated on his behalf.

Minister Czarnek and questions about the Willa plus program

The vote on the proposal will take place on Thursday. Czarnek was asked about the case by TVN24 reporter Agata Adamek in the parliamentary corridor. – Everything will be decided in a vote in the Sejm. The majority is in power, so if there is a majority that wants to give me a vote of no confidence, it will be granted. If there is no majority, the vote will not be granted, replied the minister.

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When asked if he had anything to complain about the program called Willa plus, Czarnek replied that “there is no such program”. “It’s a support program,” he said.

– Do you think that, for example, a bus for PLN 550,000 for disabled children is giving away? – He was asking. – Why do you not like children or teenagers? I don’t know,” he added, then left.

Agata Adamek talked to Przemysław CzarnekTVN24

During the next attempt to talk, Czarnek was asked about the subsidized by the Ministry of National Education and Science Polska Wielki Projekt Foundationwho bought a villa in Warsaw for PLN 5 million received from the Minister of Education and Science.

– The Polska Wielki Projekt Foundation has purchased a property for the needs of a house where young people will be trained and educated for the next five years. This is for a specific educational project – replied Czarnek. – What is my foundation, tell me – he added.

Przemysław Czarnek in the SejmPAP/Leszek Szymanski

When reminded that the board of this foundation has people associated with PiS, Czarnek replied that “many organizations have people associated with Law and Justice on the boards of many organizations.” – Because I don’t know if you know, but roughly 11 million people vote for every election Law and Justice he declared.

Motion for a vote of no confidence in Minister Czarnek

Opposition MPs – Civic Coalition, Left, Coalition Poland and Poland 2050 – submitted a motion for a vote of no confidence in Czarnek by the Sejm in early February. The application is the aftermath of a series of publications tvn24.pl “villa plus“, describing that the money from the MEiN competition went to organizations associated with PiS. Multi-million subsidies were spent on the purchase of new seats, while many educational organizations and teaching facilities did not receive a single zloty from the ministry’s budget.

More than 120 opposition deputies signed a motion of no confidence in the head of the Ministry of National and National Education.

A constant feature of Przemysław Czarnek’s performance of the function of the Minister of Education and Science is the glaring lack of monitoring, planning, anticipating and preparing the Polish education system in advance for the challenges it must face

Main photo source: TVN24

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