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Mountain. 29 people rode in the cargo area of ​​the bus

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A road patrol from Góra (Lower Silesia) stopped a delivery truck for inspection. After opening the door to the loading area of ​​the vehicle, the policemen saw 29 squeezed people on their way to work.

Last weekend, mountain policemen patrolled the streets of the district. In one of the towns, they stopped a white Iveco bus for inspection. The officers checked the technical condition of the vehicle and wanted to see what the driver was carrying in the cargo area.


29 people “on board”

When they opened the door of the iveco loading area, they saw a terrifying picture. In the part of the car intended for the transport of goods, there were 29 people who traveled standing or sitting on crates. The driver not only broke the law, but most of all he endangered the lives and health of these people. If the vehicle was involved in a road incident, people traveling in it without any technical protection would most likely be seriously injured, says Przemysław Ratajczyk from the press office of the Lower Silesian Police.

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29 people were transported in the cargo areaPolice Mountain

All passengers are Ukrainian citizens who were transported to work by their 50-year-old compatriot. The driver was punished with a high fine for irresponsible behavior, and the police also detained his driving license for a period of three months.

– Remember that the driver is responsible for the safety of all people in the vehicle he drives. It is unacceptable for passengers to travel without wearing seat belts, not to mention transporting them in places not intended for that purpose, which poses a real threat to their life and health – emphasizes Ratajczyk.

Main photo source: Police Mountain

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