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MP Marek Suski escaped from questions about his words about the European Union

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MP Marek Suski was asked in the Sejm about his words about the European Union, which he delivered in an interview for Radio Puls on Thursday. He used to say that “the Union does not take us seriously” and behaves “like Stalin”. On Friday, when asked about these words, he did not answer – instead he ran down stairs and corridors.

PiS MP Marek Suski gave an interview to Radio Puls on Thursdayin which he spoke, inter alia, of Fr. European Union. He stated that “we are in the Union, but probably fake, because the Union does not take us seriously.” To the lecturer’s comment that maybe we allow ourselves to be treated like this, he replied: – Well, we are not really allowing ourselves, but they are trying to get on our heads. Does the Germans feel to compensate us for the millions of murdered citizens, for the burnt Warsaw? – He was asking. – In the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, Russia decided for us, because we were not a sovereign state, today Brussels does not defend us either, but attacks us – continued the PiS MP.

Suski about Brussels: they behave like StalinRadio Plus

He also referred to the document The European Commissionin which it specifies the requirements that Poland must meet in order to be able to withdraw EU money from Of the National Reconstruction Plan. – At one time, Stalin wrote us a constitution, we were a subordinate state. Today, Brussels is trying to write for us the rules of the Sejm, the rules of the Senate, and the rules of procedure Council of Ministers. They behave like Stalin, he said.

Suski was running away from questions

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TVN24 reporter Maja Wójcikowska tried to ask about the words from the interview of MP Suski in the Sejm. The politician, however, ran down the stairs and corridors of the Sejm.

– I do not hold a press conference, I do not give interviews to TVN – Suski replied and left the Sejm.

Opposition about Suski’s words

Suski’s words were commented on by MPs from the opposition. – This is the DNA of PiS. This is what they really think, said Marcin Kierwiński, MP from the Civic Coalition. – Suski is, I do not want to say, serious, because he is not a serious politician, but an important politician in the power camp, and he represents exactly what is said in the offices on Nowogrodzka Street. He is honest in it, he is true in it and he says it as a person who knows Jarosław Kaczyński well – said the MP.

– They think that in today’s situation the enemy is the European Union, that the enemy is the West, that today you have to be independent from Europe, not have relations with Europe, and it will be somehow. But it won’t be somehow, because today you can either be on the side of the European Union, on the side of NATO, on the side of the civilized world or on the side of Putin – he added.

According to PSL MP Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski, “without the European Union, Poland would not exist as we have in 2022”. – Please remember what Polish towns and villages looked like in the 1990s, after 2000. It was only after our accession to the EU that we started to develop properly. Here we had a lot of support from the German governments in opposition to various other countries, because the European Union is of course not ruled by Brussels, which is a myth propagated in the country, but is ruled by the European Council, i.e. 28, and now 27 prime ministers of the Member States – he explained.

Opposition about Suski's words

Opposition about Suski’s wordsTVN24

Bartoszewski also referred to other words of Suski from the interview when he was asked about statement of PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, when he spoke about the arming of Germany. – When we said that we would arm ourselves militarily, the Germans said they would too. So this mechanism has been triggered. Whether Germany wants to arm itself against Russia or against us, I do not know, but in any case they are arming themselves – said the PiS chairman.

– As I recall history, I have shivers when it comes to German military strength. Many people in my family died during the war with Germany. Maybe I’m allergic, but when I hear that Germany is starting to arm itself, I don’t feel comfortable. And looking at how they support Ukraine in the war with Russia, how they sent them some moldy helmets and how they could not find Ukraine at all on the map, one can indeed have doubts – commented Marek Suski.

Suski: When I hear that the Germans are starting to arm themselves, I do not feel comfortable

Suski: When I hear that the Germans are starting to arm themselves, I do not feel comfortableRadio Plus

Main photo source: TVN24

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