MP Matecki on the roof of the Sejm. Hołownia about the “incident”: it was 3-4 in the morning, I'm waiting for the report


There has been an incident. There was someone on the roof, said the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, when asked about the reports regarding MP Dariusz Matecki. He admitted that “one of the MPs could have been involved” and he was waiting for the Marshal's Guard report on this matter. Matecki himself confirmed several dozen minutes later that it was him and he climbed onto the roof to “take a photo.”

Dariusz Matecki – MP of Sovereign Poland (previously Solidarity Poland), whose name appears in the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund – published an entry on the X platform around noon on Friday. “Journalists are calling me. Yes, I was on the roof of the Sejm hotel to take a photo. I took a photo and returned to the room. Best regards” – handed over.

Later, in the Sejm, journalists asked Matecki himself about this matter. In response, he stated that “the state of violation of the rule of law in Poland is better visible from above.” When asked why he climbed onto the roof, he said it was “to take a beautiful photo.”

Matecki talked to journalistsTVN24

Hołownia about the “incident”

TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit asked the Speaker of the Sejm several dozen minutes earlier Szymon Hołownia“is it true that MP Matecki needed help and had to be pulled from the roof?”

– I can only confirm that we had an incident yesterday, at night, in the morning. I asked the commander of the Marshal's Guard for an explanation and I am to receive a report on this matter, said Hołownia.

As he admitted, “indeed, for now it looks like one of the MPs could have been involved.” – The Marshal's Guard intervened around 3-4 a.m. – he added.

He emphasized that he was waiting for a “specific report from the guards”. – This is a matter not only of the behavior of a possible MP, but also of the safety of our buildings and himself – he said. – We need to explain this matter thoroughly. I am waiting for the report of the commander of the Marshal's Guard, Hołownia noted once again.

“Someone was on the roof”

– I can't tell you much more, but there was an incident. Someone was on a roof they shouldn't have been on. Because no one should be on the roof here at 3-4 o'clock (in the morning – ed.), said the Marshal of the Sejm.

To Radomir Wit's comment that the reporter had information that it was MP Matecki, Hołownia replied: – I cannot tell you anything about it, I am waiting for the report of the Marshal's Guard.

– If there are any security incidents, we are informed immediately. There is, unfortunately, I must say, a high probability that it was not someone from outside. That's all I can tell you today, he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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