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MP Sebastian Kaleta himself voted for the “kaletka” and then wrestled with it. Perhaps he forgot about it

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MP Sebastian Kaleta, who is running in the European Parliament elections, had a problem with a plastic cap. Because it is connected to a bottle and because it is an idea of ​​the European Union. The only thing he missed was that he himself supported this idea in the Polish parliament.

“Do these stupid caps piss you off too?” – asks Sovereign Poland politician Sebastian Kaleta in a video on social media, struggling with the bottle. – You open the bottle and you have to struggle with it – he continues in the recording.

Anna-Maria Żukowska from the Left extended a helping hand to her parliamentary colleague. Sharing his video, she wrote: “Boy, in high school I opened a bottle of beer with my teeth, Snowflake you. You can handle a cap of mineral water. Believe in yourself!”

In turn, the current deputy minister of justice, Krzysztof Śmiszek, recorded an instructional video for the former deputy minister. – I wonder if “kaletka” will be a new name for the cap that so fascinates Mr. Kaleta and his friends today – commented Krzysztof Śmiszek.

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– The EU deals with caps and caps, and with all due respect, this is not what we expect from the EU. We expect development, not the generation of artificial problems, said Arkadiusz Mularczyk, candidate of Law and Justice in the European Parliament elections.

The cap was introduced by the United Right government

Later in the recording, the Sovereign Poland politician asks who invented such an application. “Who came up with this nonsense? Yes, the European Union, because these traffic jams supposedly flow into the ocean,” he continues.

In fact, MP Kaleta's club friend, Anna Paluch from PiS, explained the need to introduce new caps in March 2023. – The idea is to prevent plastic waste from polluting the seas and oceans – she emphasized.

The Sejm voted on the provisions implementing the EU directive. The ruling majority was “for”, Sebastian Kaleta was also “for”.

Permanently attached nuts will be standardTVN24

Why are caps attached to bottles?

– The cap on the bottle scale is quite an important element. A dozen or so to twenty percent for small bottles – explains Jakub Paszyński, an expert at ecoekonomia.pl.

An important, but small, element, and hence the concept of connecting it to the larger one, i.e. the bottle itself. – These caps are lost in the sorting room. They cannot be sorted because they are too small and we actually lose them from circulation – explains Piotr Grodkiewicz, director of the Sustainable Development Department of Project Zero Waste sp. z o. o.

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Officially, the Caps and Single-use Plastics Directive enters into force on July 1.

– We all know that it is more difficult to drink, more difficult to pour water. This is more trouble than good – argues Bartłomiej Wróblewski, candidate of Law and Justice in the European Parliament elections. – That's why I'm running for the European Parliament, to block such absurdities – says Sebastian Kaleta at the end of his video.

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to unscrew something that you have screwed up yourself.

Main photo source: x.com/@sjkaleta

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