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MPs of the Left in Gdańsk about the Senate and Sejm packages

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Each of your votes, regardless of whether they are for the Left, for the Civic Platform or for the Third Way, will not be wasted – Włodzimierz Czarzasty addressed the voters. Left-wing deputies in Gdańsk talked about the Senate and Sejm pact. Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk also noted that “the Confederation does not fit within the framework of the democratic opposition.”

As part of the Holiday Tour of the Left, MPs visited towns in Pomerania today. In Gdańsk, they talked, among other things, about the upcoming parliamentary elections. – I want to guarantee that we will do everything, and everything is going in a very good direction, so that the Senate pact will function well, so that, as a result of the talks and arrangements of the Senate pact, we will have an advantage in the Senate – he said Vladimir Czarzasty.

He added that “all talks are proceeding as planned.” “We expect to announce the end of these talks in the near future, a successful end,” he assured.

– The team has been working non-stop for several months. MP Dariusz Wieczorek is there on our behalf. This team has already done most of the work. You have to react to information, to rumors, so I can confirm that there was a meeting of the leaders. I will not say exactly what the arrangements are and when the next meeting will be, because we have such a habit. Let’s do first, then let’s tell. We do not spread rumors, but I can say that the pact will be signed. – We are going in a very good direction. We shook hands. Everything is fine, in this respect it will find a good finale – said Czarzasty.

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Conference of the Left in GdańskTVN24

“No later than after registering the lists, we should sign the parliamentary pact”

Czarzasty also said that “if the Senate pact is finalized, and I think it will be in the near future, let us once again remind you of the Seym pact.”

– The left is happy to take on the role of a uniting formation that will encourage cooperation, will reject all elements that will block this cooperation – he declared.

As he said, his group is of the opinion that “at the latest after registering the lists, we should sign a parliamentary pact, which will say that after October all opposition forces will form a government, that this government will be stable, that this government has a plan that will be a good plan for Poland.” “.

– We believe that it is necessary to say to all voters very firmly and calmly: each of your votes, regardless of whether they are for the Left, for the Civic Platform or for the Third Way, will not be wasted. Thanks to each of your votes, the opposition will take power and govern in a non-arrogant, predictable way, he stressed.

The deputy marshal of the Sejm stressed that the Left would like the parliamentary pact to be created. “I know we’ve been asking for this for four months, but you know, we’ve got patience, we’ve got a smile on this. We reject any elements that could jeopardize this. We will continue to bring this forward, because we know that the opposition for Poland, the opposition for reason, must and should cooperate with each other, he noted.

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“The left is happy to assume the role of a formation that will unite and encourage cooperation”TVN24

Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, speaking about the aforementioned Senate pact, emphasized that “the democratic opposition does not Confederation“The left will never enter a government where there is supposed to be an extreme, brown, fascist right,” she declared.

– There is nothing in common between the democratic, caring Left and the fascist, brown Confederation – noted the MP.

Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk at the previous Saturday stop of Lewica – on the Seaside Boulevard in GdyniaPAP/Piotr Matusewicz

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Matusewicz

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