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Mr. Dariusz used the emergency services throughout his life, but he had an accident himself. The collection has started

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Helping others and being a paramedic was everything to him – now he is the one who needs support. One day, Mr. Dariusz fainted on the stairs and had a serious accident, as a result of which he lost both legs. He needs prostheses worth several hundred thousand zlotys.

Once upon a time, Mr. Dariusz helped others. Now he needs help himself. – You can’t fully come to terms with the situation you’re in. Even if things get better in the future, there will always be a certain blockage in our minds. The pain factor is present. What was loved was missing. There will be no going back there. This kind of pain will always remain – admits Mr. Dariusz Bartosik.

– The emergency room was my life. 24 hours were only emergency services, emergency services, on-call duties and work – he adds. As a paramedic, Mr. Dariusz fought for the lives of others for 13 years. The accident meant that he also had to fight for his own life. – He helped the smallest ones. He drove a neonatal ambulance. That is, an ambulance for the smallest babies, with an incubator. His patients were the size of a pigeon – says Dr. Grzegorz Matyjaszczyk, president of the “SALUT” Foundation for Vocational Rehabilitation for Uniformed Services and Their Families.

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It might seem like an inconspicuous accident – fainting on the stairs. On that day, however, Mr. Darek’s life turned 180 degrees. From one day to the next, he became a person with a disability. – The last moment I remember is the meeting of doctors who stood by my bedside. There were seven of them. I couldn’t hear what they were saying anymore. I lost consciousness later, says Mr. Dariusz.

The fall proved disastrous. There were fractures and the kidneys and liver stopped working. The body has become infected. Doctors had to amputate Mr. Dariusz’s leg. – I opened the duvet and saw that the entire bed was covered in blood – says the man. There was no question of returning to the profession. In addition, half a year later there was a second amputation. – The first four months were the worst. It was a stage of isolation, closing yourself off so that no one would look, so as not to meet anyone. Pushing away all my acquaintances and friends and leaving me alone with my thoughts, alone with my thoughts – says Mr. Dariusz.

Problems of women with disabilities in access to gynecological and obstetric careTVN24

Great determination

However, the man did not give up. Despite the enormous pain that accompanies him every day, he completed two studies, wrote a doctorate, and is a lecturer and trainer. – He was able to coolly recalculate his life and take charge of himself. Find a way to make it on your own and push through it, and don’t give up – emphasizes Bartłomiej Domagała, Mr. Dariusz’s friend and paramedic.

Unfortunately, a wheelchair causes many limitations that a man cannot overcome. – There are situations when it is difficult for me to get up, it is difficult for me to transfer from a chair to a wheelchair, and this help is highly recommended. But it’s this kind of physical powerlessness – he explains. The whole situation also had an impact on the man’s psyche. – I wear a mask if I go to work. He doesn’t show what’s going on inside. It’s different if I come home, close the door, I’m in my room, I take off this mask. This is completely different. (…) The pain remains there. There is pain. Sometimes there are tears if no one sees. The longing comes from the fact that I compare the situation that is and was. I look a bit into the future, but I see that in the future there is always some limitation that exists and will exist – he adds.


Hope for normality is provided by prostheses, which Mr. Dariusz cannot afford – even though he works. – He is a very hard-working and reliable person, but he is not able to earn enough for these things, even working 24 hours a day. They are very, very expensive – explains Małgorzata Pelczar, Mr. Dariusz’s friend and employer.

The prostheses cost exactly PLN 380,000. A collection is being held online. – These must be very specialized prostheses that will themselves hold its vertical position and deflection and, in addition, must have mechanical parts. So basically in every joint, i.e. the ankle joint, the knee joint, these prostheses, there are motors that work independently – explains Dr. Grzegorz Matyjaszczyk.

– He wants to get back to that fitness now. Intellectually, professionally and educationally, Darek is at the highest level. He simply needs prosthetics – adds Małgorzata Pelczar. Mr. Darek wants to be as independent as possible. Every progress is another motivation for him. – The greatest joy at that time was when I adjusted my car, I could go out on my own. There were tears of joy there – says Mr. Dariusz, who admits that his dream is to get up from the wheelchair.

Author:Stefania Kulik

Main photo source: TVN24

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