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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mr. Goxx is dead. A hamster “trading” in cryptocurrencies has died

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Mr. Goxx, a hamster known for trading cryptocurrencies, is dead. The rodent has gained fame for surprisingly efficiently investing with a specially built cage. He died on Tuesday, according to his official Twitter account.

“Mr. Goxx showed no signs of serious illness, other than that he had kidney problems – he was treated for mites in his early years. He suddenly refused to eat on Sunday and fell asleep peacefully on Monday morning,” the hamster owners wrote on Twitter.

Over 18,000 people followed his account on this social networking site. – You showed us that the internet doesn’t have to be a toxic dumpster. We are surprised by the countless and touching condolences we have received from many sides. What we learned about ourselves from this project has little to do with cryptocurrencies – its maintainers told the BBC portal.

Mr. Goxx – a hamster that “trades” cryptocurrencies

The hamster’s financial career, and later fame, was born out of an experiment by two friends from Germany who wanted to prove that success in the digital currency industry was accidental.

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Mr. Goxx’s sales office, attached to his cage, was watched by thousands of people live on Twitch. The hamster made decisions by activating the “circle of intention” – he chose a cryptocurrency and then entered the buy or sell tunnel in his “office”.

After running through the tunnel, the electronic system carried out the transactions as requested by Mr. Goxx.

Almost 20 percent of the profit

Mr. Goxx started his financial career on June 12, 2021. After the last trading day on November 22, his portfolio grew by 19.7%. A recent estimate by Protos suggested that the hamster’s performance would be better than that of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, writes the BBC.

Goxx Capital was not a true investment firm. Mr. Goxx’s owners emphasized with each tweet that hamster decisions should not be treated as investment advice. Rather, they saw him as the face of a “carefree side project.”

“It seems that most people in our generation see no other chance than throwing their savings into the cryptocurrency market without even having a clue of what’s going on there,” said the anonymous duo behind Mr. Goxx in September.

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