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Mr. Jan is marching for his grandson and is almost at the halfway point. “Olinek loves his life”

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Jan decided to walk over 500 kilometers. All this to publicize the fundraiser for the treatment of his disabled grandson. Olinek wants to live as long as possible because he loves his life.

Jan Baranik bravely marches. According to the plan, it should already cross the halfway point of the Main Beskid Trail. But, as he admits, not everything goes according to plan. Not only because of the capricious weather and dehydration of the body. “My knee has started to hurt, so I’m walking now, limping a little.” I’m wrapped in an elastic bandage. And the back is barking somewhere under the shoulder blade, and the foot is failing – says Jan Baranik, Olinka’s grandfather.

– The trails were flooded with water, it is very difficult to find the right route, so we watched on GPS what was happening to Mr. Jan. He wandered, he disappeared from this main route – adds Dorota Gardias, TVN journalist. Fortunately, the 62-year-old tax advisor with whom Dorota Gardias marched for three days was found and is still counting kilometers. There are over half a thousand of them to go through. – The 502 kilometers that are there are such a theory. In fact, I think that you do tens of kilometers more through various types of access, and this to the store, and this somewhere to the side to some lodging house – explains Olinka’s grandfather.

Anything for my grandson

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Before the expedition, Jan practiced sleeping in a tent. It was for Olinka’s grandson that he set out on the trail. – Olek has cerebral palsy, tetraplegia and a congenital urinary tract defect, and he is also in the process of rediagnosing the autism spectrum – explains Agnieszka Jóźwicka, Olinka’s mother. Before giving birth, the boy underwent seven surgeries. He was born as an extremely premature baby – in the 27th week of pregnancy. The prognosis was dramatically bad. After a few months of fighting, a new one began – for the quality of the saved life. – When he was six years old, when the kindergarten teacher asked the children what they dreamed of, well, the children had such childhood dreams. Olinek, on the other hand, had a dream to live as long as possible, because he loves his life, because he is happy – Jan recalls. To make it so – the boy’s relatives had to put their pride in their pockets and ask for money. There is a collection on the Internet, auctions are held, and the boy’s grandfather publicizes everything – including the expedition – on social media.

The money is needed for 10 hours of rehabilitation a week, which is not co-financed by the state, for medicines and equipment. – The wheelchair, the one he currently uses, is slowly getting too small. Such a stroller costs over PLN 30,000. These are verticalizers that cost about PLN 11-12 thousand. The son grows out of the specialist seat on which he sits, and this is the cost of another 11,000 – Olinka’s mother enumerates. The list of needs does not end there. Because both of the boy’s parents work, they only receive a nursing allowance of PLN 215 from the state. – I don’t earn badly, I’m not one of those people who have to live from month to month, so it seemed to me that my earnings would be enough to help my daughter in this situation. (…) After half a year I already knew that I wouldn’t make it – says Olinka’s grandfather. – We dream that this form will be even better. That he might start walking in the future, that he would be independent in some way. These are his and the whole family’s dreams – says the boy’s mother. Grandpa goes, and Olinek waits – not only for the collection results. – Without grandpa, it’s a hopeless life. (…) I really like him – assures Olinek.


Author:Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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