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Mr. Józef is 100 years old and has a pacemaker. He feels good and reveals his methods for longevity

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The hundred-year-old Mr. Józef underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker. Now he has a heart like a bell and feels great. The patient also has his own patent for vitality, which is based on three pillars.

Life begins at 100? According to Mr. Józef Pułecki, why not, but only if they can be based on three pillars. – The first is a happy family without stress and addictions, the second is proper nutrition, and the third: medical care – reveals a 100-year-old patient.

Mr. Józef did not avoid medical help, he cares about prevention and is not afraid of diagnoses. When the patient felt that his heart was starting to refuse to cooperate, he did not wait for it to go away on its own. – The main problem was that the heart was working too slowly and, apart from working too slowly, it also sometimes had pauses in its work – explains Piotr Kulesza from the Electrocardiology Department of the Upper Silesian Medical Center.

Now Mr. Józef’s heart has no chance of pausing because it will be supported by a pacemaker. In an innovative, almost physiological way, thanks to a special electrode. – It improves our quality of life, protects the patient against sudden loss of consciousness, resulting injuries, and even death – explains Dr. Grzegorz Jarosiński from the Department of Electrocardiology of the Upper Silesian Medical Center.

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He eats a lot of vegetables and avoids fatty meat and sugar

Mr. Józef’s heart is much younger than his. – Absolutely no valve defects, with a good ejection fraction, there is absolutely nothing to complain about, I will even joke that I don’t know if all of us would have such heart function – says Kulesza.

Mr. Józef, a telecommunications specialist, spent a large part of his professional life in a director’s position, which is often a stressful position. – In 1945, I was employed at the District Telecommunications Office in Koźle and that’s where it started – says the 100-year-old patient.

Mr. Józef’s example shows that it is worth taking care of yourself regardless of age and not delaying a visit to the doctor, because fear is a bad advisor when it comes to health care. – Age is not a contraindication to implantation of a pacemaker system, each of our seniors should be examined by a cardiologist and have their heart functions checked – points out Dr. Piotr Gryglas, cardiologist and internist.

Mr. Józef also recommends good nutrition. – Avoid fatty meat, avoid sugar, confectionery and eat a lot of vegetables – says the patient.

Mr. Józef also includes wine in his recipe for longevity, but only occasionally. He quit smoking 63 years ago.

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