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Mr. Wacław Milewski is 98 years old and has been working for 84 years. “Grandpa is great, generally speaking”

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This is a story about the oldest working person in Poland, with the longest experience, 84 years. Mr. Wacław is 98 years old. He is a former Polish champion in motorcycle racing who runs a mechanical workshop in Poznań. His biggest dream is to keep working as long as he can, at least until he reaches one hundred. The history of the workshop itself dates back to 1945.

Years pass, and Mr. Wacław is constantly full of enthusiasm. Nothing is stuck in this story. – Like an old machine – replies Wacław Milewski when asked how he feels.

84 years of work – he has been working continuously since the age of 14 and since the occupation. He founded his first business and plant in pioneer times. – May 9, 1945, exactly the day the war ended – recalls Mr. Wacław. He started by repairing bicycles, and three years later, as a self-taught technician, he obtained a master's diploma. – I started from scratch. I had nothing, he admits.

His passion and drive contributed to an extraordinary career

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– He is endowed with such extraordinary intuition – says Mr. Wacław's daughter, Marietta Milewska-Moult. Mr. Wacław's passion and enthusiasm were the basis of his extraordinary career. He turned the workshop into a miniature factory. There is nothing he can't do. The 98-year-old now employs one person. He is even a young man, although a senior.

– He went on vacation for two weeks. He is also 70 years old – explains Mr. Wacław. – We do it two days a week – he adds. His workshop is a model of reliability – he made dies for the factories of Big Fiat and Volvo. In order not to provoke the people's authorities, Mr. Wacław pretended that it was a small plant.

Mr. Wacław's life smells of grease and gasoline, because in the times of the Polish People's Republic he raced on a motorcycle. – My best years were the Polish championship in 1948 – he recalls. – I remember, the steering wheel broke in the last lap, so I was driving with one hand. And I won this race, he says.

Polish Championship in motorcycle racingTVN24

“He taught us that family is a value”

– Grandpa is great, generally speaking. For as long as I can remember, he has always been, shall we say, helpful. He was always available. It's true that you had to go to the workshop, because he almost always sits there – says Dominik Milewski-Moult, Mr. Wacław's grandson.

For the family, the grandfather is like a rock. – He taught us that family is a value, that we are together and support each other – says Marietta Milewska-Moult.

Seventy is the new sixty. This is according to the latest researchMarek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

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– She is definitely the oldest person working in Poland and I have not heard of a person who is older and still working – says Zofia Mańczuk, president of the Dziadkowie Biznesu Foundation.

– It's a bit of a low grade. I think he'll break that hundred. I still remember that a dozen years ago he also said, until he was 90. Everyone got used to the fact that he said that he would close the workshop, but he did not close it – says Dominik Milewski-Moult, Mr. Wacław's grandson.

Mr. Wacław wishes himself a hundred years and work. – Do, do. Work as much as possible – sums up Mr. Wacław.

Main photo source: TVN24

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