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Mrs. Marta underwent a bilateral mastectomy a year ago. Encourages women to undergo preventive examinations

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I don’t have metastases, I’m healthy and my job is to live – that’s what Mrs. Marta says a year after the surgery after which she lost her breasts. Let Mrs. Marta’s story be proof that you can beat breast cancer. Many women need this hope. However, the most important thing is prevention.

Psychologist Marta Iwanowska-Polkowska has had twelve difficult months behind her. – Healing postoperative wounds is one thing, but regaining fitness is another thing – he says.

In January 2023, the “Fakty” TVN team met her at the National Institute of Oncology in Warsaw. She was just going home after bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. – What gave me strength here was the belief that my life is simply very good and I have something to fight for – she said in 2023.

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Marta Iwanowska-Polkowska has a husband and two sons. She found out she had breast cancer at the age of 42. Her mother and grandmother were also sick. That’s why she gets tested regularly. – I found my cancer at a very early stage and it had not had time to spread – she explains.

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women. Approximately 20,000 of them are diagnosed with it annually in Poland. – Mammograms should be performed once every two years, if, of course, nothing is happening in these breasts – emphasizes Dr. Agnieszka Jagiełło-Gruszfeld, a clinical oncologist from the Grochowski Hospital in Warsaw.

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From November 1, the age range has been expanded and more women can benefit from this test. The preventive program covers women aged 45 to 74. Younger women should undergo an ultrasound examination and, regardless of age, self-examination. – A woman knows her breasts and if she actually performs self-examination regularly, once a month, she is able to feel a really small lump – emphasizes Dr. Agnieszka Jagiełło-Gruszfeld.

The breast cancer and cervical cancer prevention program has been expanded to encourage women to undergo testsKatarzyna Czupryńska Chabros/Fakty po Południu TVN24

A chance to heal

What is most important is that early detection gives a chance for cure. – I’m clean at the moment. That’s what we say in our slang. There is nothing in the lymph nodes and I still think that the cancer has not spread yet – admits Marta Iwanowska-Polkowska.

The woman now exercises a lot. Movement became an element of her recovery. Today, he still encourages others to – as he puts it – “explore” and research. – I want to share my story to encourage women to undergo preventive examinations and to be persistent in these examinations. If the doctor does not want to order it, go to another one – appeals Marta Iwanowska-Polkowska.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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