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Multifunctional room and a whole team of specialists. Great interest in the private ward of child psychiatry in Bolesławiec

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The public hospital in Bolesławiec has a new psychiatric ward for children and adolescents. There are intimate rooms, a team of specialists, diagnosis and therapy. However, all this is available only for a fee, but there is no shortage of volunteers, because child psychiatry in Poland is still in a dramatic situation.

A multifunctional room and a whole team of specialists are waiting for the patients of the hospital in Bolesławiec. In addition to psychiatrists, psychotherapists of cognitive-behavioral and systemic trends. There are also social skills and anger management coaches. – There will be therapeutic classes very diverse, very creative. In addition to music therapy, there will be creative yoga, an academy of personal potential. It will also be very interesting – says Joanna Baran, a social skills trainer.

The rooms in the ward are intimate and homely. The facility will accommodate up to twenty people. There will be young people with depression and victims of school violence. The news about the new help point spread like wildfire across Poland – people from all over the country are calling.

– There is still a lot of interest, even though it is a strictly commercial ward, and the fees are relatively high, because we invented such a standard to meet the highest expectations of patients and their parents and carers – informs Kamil Barczyk, director of St. Luke in Bolesławiec.

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One person-day in the ward costs PLN 1,200. The minimum stay for a child is seven days. – So far, interested people do not raise the topic of finance, because they are ready to pay the right amount to provide them and their children with good conditions and a very intensive type of therapy – emphasizes Mateusz Baczyński, a psychiatrist at St. Luke in Bolesławiec.

Despite the high price, the interest is huge, because public wards for children and youth resemble besieged fortresses. The National Health Fund pays them half the amount paid by the patients of the commercial ward in Bolesławiec.

There is a lack of places and specialists

There is still a shortage of places and specialists in Poland. – Psychiatric care in Poland simply lies. Before my daughter got to the ward in Sieniawka, I called half of Poland and there was nowhere to go – says the mother of a sick child who wants to remain anonymous.

The Ministry of Health has been reforming the system for five years, but the effects are weak, also because the demand for such treatment is growing rapidly. – If we take into account only children’s patients under the age of 13, we have 87 percent more of them, and adolescents over 13 years of age – 167 percent more – points out Dr. Aleksandra Lewandowska, national consultant in the field of psychiatry of children and adolescents.

The first patients at the ward in Bolesławiec were admitted on Monday. Are commercial wards the solution to the problems of Polish psychiatry? Health Minister Adam Niedzielski did not find time to comment on this on Monday.

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