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Multimedia Youth Education MeduM. Czarnek’s streaming platform with a significant slip

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Multimedia Youth Education was supposed to start in December 2022. The streaming platform, commissioned by Minister Przemysław Czarnek and financed by the National Center for Research and Development, is to start operating only in August, i.e. shortly before the elections. – It’s gonna be a flop. Czarnek would like to reach out to young people and push their crap – comments Jan Strzeżek from the Young Poland movement and a former spokesman for the Agreement.

We wrote about the MeduM platform in tvn24.pl in September 2022. It is intended to be an innovative and attractive streaming service for young people, combining the functionalities of streaming services and social media, which would like to Ministry of Education and Science – it will enrich the offer of Polish schools and “bring a new, fresh look at the knowledge provided so far”.

The competition for the development of the platform was won by the Foundation for the Support of the History of Polish Cinematography. Its president is Piotr “Miki” Mikołajczak – musician and producer associated with government television, former husband of the director of TVP Polonia Magdalena Tadeusiak-Mikołajczak and partner of Jan Maria Tomaszewski, cousin Jarosław Kaczyński.

Originally, the MeduM service was to be launched in December last year. However, the National Center for Research and Development informed that the platform will not be launched until August 2023.

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This is exactly one year after the Minister of Education Przemyslaw Czarnek in “Tygodnik Sieci” said that he commissioned the National Center for Research and Development to prepare a competition for nearly PLN 30 million to build a website and “produce several hundred short, four-minute films on historical, economic and cultural topics, which will be posted and promoted on streaming platforms” .

At that time, the Ministry of Education still supervised the National Center for Research and Development. Soon after, however, the agency in accordance with the coalition agreement of the United Right, which we described on tvn24.pl – came under the supervision of the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and the recently dismissed Deputy Minister Jacek Żalek from the Republican Party.

Minister Przemysław Czarnek still has to wait for MeduM“TVN” facts

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Why is the premiere of Czarnek’s hit delayed?

According to the NCBR press team, “Due to the appeal procedure and the need to re-evaluate one of the submitted offers, the process of concluding contracts for financing tasks with entities selected for financing has been extended”.

MeduM’s budget was set at PLN 29 million, of which the National Center for Research and Development planned to spend PLN 7 million on the “development of a VOD streaming platform”, and PLN 22 million on the production of short films based on, among others, based on the curriculum of a new school subject – history and the present. “The content presented on the platform will be adapted to the needs, interests and cognitive and perceptual abilities of young people aged 12-18” – it was written in the regulations.

“Multimedia materials” posted in MeduM were to be created with the participation of online influencers, and the platform itself was to use “innovative IT tools and modern technological solutions”.

The Foundation for Supporting the History of Polish Cinematography, which won the competition, does not have its own website. – in cooperation with Festival Group – UA24.tv video platform for Ukrainians living in Poland. It was financed by the Lotos oil company. Information about her other achievements is difficult to find.

Dziemianowicz-Bąk: Minister Czarnek spends public money not on education, but on his party and parish buddies

Dziemianowicz-Bąk: Minister Czarnek spends public money not on education, but on his party and parish buddiesTVN24

In the opinion of NCBR experts, Mikołajczak’s foundation received 10 points – one more than the Virtual Horizons Foundation. It was created “to connect the world of technology with the world of education and support the digital transformation of Polish schools.” Its founders – as we read on the website – “have been professionally dealing with virtual reality for several years – producing VR experiences and promoting their use not only in the field of entertainment, but also teaching and supporting social development”.

In September last year, this organization appealed against the decision of the National Center for Research and Development. According to the rules of the MeduM competition, “the protest is examined by a 3-person Protest Committee appointed by the Director of the NCRD”, and its decision is final.

– The Commission did not take into account our argumentation and upheld the score of 9 points. Our offer was cheaper, but the Center decided that we do not have enough experience in creating such platforms, even though the regulations allowed us to rely on the experience of project partners, and the Foundation is building a similar website with content from virtual reality, much more technologically advanced – says the president of the Foundation Virtual Horizons Marcin Pleta.

He adds: – In the public information mode, we asked for access to a competitive bid that won, but we did not get it. The National Center for Research and Development informed that it is a company secret. At the same time, the rules of the competition were written in a way that, in my opinion, did not give much chance for a successful appeal.

Grants from the National Center for Research and Development and the villa plus program.  How do Poles evaluate it.  Poll

Grants from the National Center for Research and Development and the villa plus program. How do Poles evaluate it. Polltvn24

Agreement signed in January, annex in March…

The NCRD finally signed an agreement with the Mikołajczak Foundation “concerning the creation, launch and maintenance of the platform” only on January 31, 2023. In addition, two months later – on March 12, 2023 – it also concluded an annex, according to which the date for launching the platform, as explained by the NCBR press team, “has been finally set for August 10, 2023”.

So it’s timed again.

The Foundation for the Support of the History of Polish Cinematography has also concluded a contract for the production of one hundred video materials in the History of Poland area, which will go to MeduM. The amount of funding from the NCRD? PLN 9.5 million. The films are to be made by the end of 2023.

In addition to the Mikołajczak Foundation, short video materials on the Czarnek platform will also be produced by the Top500 Innovators Association (for over PLN 2.8 million it will make clips about innovation and entrepreneurship) and the Active Beskidy Association based in Jeleśnia – it will prepare films on topics related to culture and art, value of the contract: PLN 7.4 million.

Lubnauer: any money that Minister Czarnek spends should be spent openly

Lubnauer: any money that Minister Czarnek spends should be spent openlyTVN24

Strzezek: “MeduM will be a flop”

According to Jan Strzeżek from the Young Poland movement, the extension of the deadline for launching the website will not change much, and MeduM “will be a flop”. – Minister Czarnek does not like to show his failures. He ordered to spend PLN 29 million on the platform, which was supposed to operate in December 2022, and we are already at the end of March. The service will be launched before the elections, and Czarnek will want to reach young people and push it on. Will he succeed? I don’t think so, he comments.

– All these trials PiS targeting young people is ineffective. Young people primarily listen to the authentic message, and Czarnek, who distributes money for education to the left and right, is associated with everything, but not with authenticity, adds the former spokesman for the Agreement.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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