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Munich. Security Conference. Antony Blinken: The US has formally established that Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine. Kamala Harris comments

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that he had made a formal assessment that the Russian Army in Ukraine had committed crimes against humanity. As he assessed, the campaign of crimes against civilians is part of a “wide-ranging and systematic attack” against the civilian population of Ukraine. He stressed that “there can be no impunity for these crimes.” US Vice President Kamala Harris also spoke about Russian crimes earlier.

On Saturday, Piotr Marciniak’s guest at 7.20 pm in “Fakty po Faktach” will be the former commander of the American land forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Coverage at tvn24.pl

“Based on a careful analysis of the law and available facts, I have determined that members of the Russian forces and other Russian officials have committed crimes against humanity in UkraineBlinken said in a statement issued at the Munich Security Conference.

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As the head of US diplomacy added, this is evidenced by the executions of Ukrainian men, women and children, the torture of civilians by beatings, electrocution and simulated executions, rape and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians deep into Russia, including children.


Blinken: There can be no impunity for these crimes

“These actions are not random or spontaneous; they are part of a wide-ranging and systematic attack against the civilian population of Ukraine,” the US Secretary of State said. He noted that the classification of crimes against humanity is reserved for the most egregious crimes and shows the “stunning extent of suffering of Ukrainians” caused by Russia.

“There can be no impunity for these crimes. All those responsible must be held accountable. As today’s findings show, United States will pursue justice for the people of Ukraine as long as necessary,” he added.

Harris: There is no doubt about it, these are crimes against humanity

The call for accountability for Russian crimes was also one of the focal points of US Vice President Kamala Harris’ speech at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

US Vice President in Munich: Russia is weakened and the Alliance stronger than ever

Harris said that “in the case of actions in Ukraine, we examined the evidence, we know what the legal standards look like.” “There is no doubt about it, these are crimes against humanity,” she said. “The US has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity,” she stressed.

In her speech, Harris described as “barbaric and inhumane” crimes committed in Ukraine’s Bucha shortly after Russia’s invasion in March 2022, the March 9 bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol, and the rape of a four-year-old child by a Russian soldier, which were confirmed in the report UN.

– Let’s all agree: on behalf of all victims, both known and unknown, justice must be done. (…) If Putin thinks he can wait us out, he is very wrong. Time is not on his side, Harris said.

Harris: The US has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanityTVN24


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