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Murder in Ząbkowice Śląskie. He confessed to killing his parents and seven-year-old brother with an ax. The Court of Appeal in Wrocław did not extend his detention

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A 20-year-old resident of Lower Silesia is accused of murder with particular cruelty by his parents and younger brother. They died while sleeping from blows inflicted with an ax. After all – as the investigators claim – the young man was supposed to fake a robbery on the family house, climb on the roof and call the police, and then confess everything. The trial of Marceli C. is ongoing, but the Court of Appeal in Wrocław did not agree to another extension of the man’s pre-trial detention. The prosecutor’s office does not agree with this decision and announces a complaint.

The trial of the 20-year-old – accused of murdering his parents and seven-year-old brother – began on October 13 in the District Court in Świdnica. Court proceedings are closed to the public. Marceli C. has been in custody since his arrest. – The first three months was a detention, then this temporary preventive measure was extended against the suspect seven more times. We are of the opinion that it should be extended once again – tells us Tomasz Orepuk from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Świdnica. And he stipulates that this time it was not the prosecutor’s office that applied for the extension of the arrest. Since the indictment was sent to the court, the District Court in Świdnica was the host of the proceedings and it was he who applied to the court of appeal to extend the preventive measure against the 20-year-old.

There will be a complaint against the court order

However, on Monday (November 29), the Court of Appeal in Wrocław did not accept the application for the extension of C’s detention. We asked for the reasons for this decision. As we hear in the press office of the Wrocław appellate court, after Monday’s session “the files were immediately returned to the District Court in Świdnica”. Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Świdnica court cannot refer to the decision of judges from Wrocław, because the court file is not yet available.

The decision is not final. Complaints against them are announced by the public prosecutor.

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– We will complain about this decision, we are trying to do it immediately – emphasizes Orepuk. And he adds that time matters in this case, because pre-trial detention against a 20-year-old from Ząbkowice Śląskie is applied until December 9. If the court does not consider the prosecution’s complaint or fails to consider it, the accused in the case of the murder of his parents and brother will be released and will be answerable in court.


The prosecutor’s office: confessed, he was sane

The murder of a couple and their seven-year-old son took place in December 2019 in Ząbkowice Śląskie (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship). 18-year-old Marceli C, son and brother of the victims, was arrested in the case. Investigators found that after committing the crime, he tried to cover up the traces of the crime.

– He tried to burn and hide the clothes he was wearing during the incident and the ax. After returning home, Marceli C. went to the roof and informed the police about the robbery, Orepuk reported.

Marceli C. was accused of committing three murders with particular cruelty. Investigators indicate that he was guided by a motivation that deserves special condemnation.

– The murder of the parents was additionally classified as committed for financial gain, because after the actions of Marceli C. he took from home money in the amount of PLN 8.7 thousand, which he planned to spend on escaping the country – Orepuk informed.

C., according to the prosecution, pleaded guilty to the charges. According to the investigators, the young man told how the crime happened. He also confessed that after all he had taken almost 10,000 zlotys from home, and that he wanted to spend the money on escaping the country. The teenager faked a burglary. Thus, he wanted to confuse the investigators. After the crime, he tried to burn the ax with which he committed the murder. And he informed the police that there had been robbery and murder in his house. – He informed that his parents and brother had died during the break-in, and that he himself fled to the roof of the building – prosecutors reported.

The man is threatened with life imprisonment.

Murder in Ząbkowice Śląskie. Prosecutor’s Office: Marceli C. was sanearchive of TVN24

In the course of the investigation, a psychiatric observation of the accused was carried out. – The opinion obtained from expert psychiatrists shows that C. was and is a fully sane person – the prosecutor said.

Expert psychologists from the Institute of Forensic Expertise prof. J. Sehn in Kraków found in C. a personality disorder consisting in a lack of empathy and sensitivity, generalized hostility, and even hatred towards the environment. The experts also found that the man is characterized by strong self-centeredness and blaming others – including members of his family – for failures.

Triple homicide in Ząbkowice ŚląskieLower Silesian Police

Main photo source: Lower Silesian Police

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