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Murder of Jarosław Ziętara. Another testimony in the case

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Zdzisław K., witness in the trial of the accused, incl. for aid in the murder of Jarosław Ziętara, testified in court that the journalist was kidnapped by the “Holy Trinity” from Elektromis. He added that, according to his knowledge, the killer of the Poznań journalist was a Russian mafioso with the pseudonym Malowany.

The District Court in Poznań continued the trial of Mirosław R. alias Fish, and Dariusz L., ps. Lal, accused of the abduction, imprisonment and aiding in the murder of Jarosław Ziętara, a journalist from Poznań. According to the findings of the prosecutor’s office, the defendants, pretending to be police officers, tricked Ziętara into a car resembling a police car. Then they handed it over to the people who murdered it, destroyed the body and hid the remains. The accused pleaded not guilty. In the course of the proceedings, the investigators established that the accused acted jointly with another, deceased person. In the first half of the 1990s, Mirosław R. and Dariusz L. were employees of the Poznań-based Elektromis holding, whose activities Ziętara was interested in.


29 years have passed since the disappearance of Jarosław ZiętaraTVN24

The testimony of a new witness

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On Wednesday, testimony was given in front of the District Court in Poznań by, inter alia, Zdzisław K. This is a witness who came to the court more than 20 years after Ziętara was last seen. In court he admitted that he had received psychiatric treatment in the past. He said he needed it to avoid military service, and later “came in handy in scams.” At the same time, he indicated that he was ready to undergo an expert examination to prove his credibility.

READ MORE: A new witness in the case of the disappearance and death of Jarosław Ziętara

Zdzisław K. met the creator of Elektromis – Mariusz Ś. – at the orphanage in Szamotuły. Years later he collaborated with Elektromis, and in 1991 Mariusz Ś. was to offer him a “common interest”. Zdzisław K. pointed out that Mariusz Ś. wanted to “use” his documents proving insanity and offered him a joint takeover of the company Strefa Wol Dutyłowa.

– As part of this company, we imported 54 trucks of cigarettes, it was then the cost of more than 7.8 million dollars. The idea was to import these cigarettes and make it before the changes in customs regulations, that all cars had to cross the border by the end of June, so that the new duty rate would not be charged. We agreed on how many days I have to endure in order not to pay, and that then we quit the activity. And then I was supposed to play dumb in front of customs. It dragged on until September, and I was deceiving the customs. They did not manage to sell everything, the customs office secured the cigarettes, they were probably three trucks that were left in these warehouses. Then I went to the psychiatric hospital in Kościan. It was in September 1991 and I was there until June 1992 – he said.

On September 1, 1992, Jarek Ziętara left home to join the editorial office of “Gazeta Poznańska”. He never got there.TVN24

Meeting a journalist

Zdzisław K. said in the court that during his stay in Kościan a young man wanted to talk to him. He was supposed to ask him what he was doing in that hospital, why he was there. Zdzisław K. initially – as he admitted – thought that he was one of the patients of the hospital. Then, when he realized it was either a policeman or a journalist – he refused to talk to anyone. Zdzisław K. pointed out that only years later “it turned out that it was Jarosław Ziętara”.


– Marek Z. (a security guard associated with Elektromis – ed.) Warned me that journalists were interested (in the case of the Strefa Wolnocłowa company – ed.), That they were sniffing, especially one of them, from “Gazeta Poznańska”. During this conversation, we agreed that some young journalist was in Kościan, on the premises of the hospital, at first I thought it was a patient. Marek Z. was then such a link between me and Mariusz Ś. There were matters that had to be dealt with, and there was no telephone then, as I needed, for example, money – he said.

He added that it was then that he learned from Marek Z. that he had already been in the house of Mariusz Ś. a journalist who was taking pictures was detained in Puszczykowo. “He said security guards pulled him off the tree, took pictures, and that he was so annoying. I suppose this man was spying on St. to find out as much as possible about the case. He also began to be interested in Elektromis, the Duty Free Zone, – I already know this from Mariusz Ś. – said a witness in court.

Zdzisław K .: Ziętara was kidnapped by the “Holy Trinity”

Zdzisław K. said that he did not get to know the name of Ziętara until 1993. As he explained, one of the bodyguards of Mariusz Ś. – Roman K., ps. Kapela – was to commit suicide. – Marek Z. did not really believe in this suicide. He said it was weird. And that the point was that Kapela could not stand what they had done with the journalist, that it started to fall apart – emphasized the witness.

– Marek Z. told me this because at that time he started to wrap himself around Lala, Pisces and others. (…) The band was supposed to kidnap and be in the murder of this journalist – that’s what Marek Z told me. It was supposed to be in the Elektromis warehouse at ul. Wołczyńska, where cigarettes were previously kept. There were more people there, they were supposed to put him on, that is, they were not supposed to kill him, but to knock his interest in Elektromis out of his head. Fish and Lala, those who kidnapped him, were also supposed to be there, the so-called holy trinity. The Holy Trinity, that is, Fish, Lala and Kapela – he said in the court.

He added that Ziętara’s killer was supposed to be “Malowany”, that is the Russian mafioso Andrei Isaev (he died in Poznań in 1997). – Marek Z. said that it was “Painted” who perpetrated the murder, he was supposed to scare him, but an “accident at work” happened (…) From the beginning it was not assumed that a person was to die, but that he was to be so abused physically, mentally, that he should not be interested – he said.

In court, Zdzisław K. admitted that with Mariusz Ś. for many years he has had a conflict over financial settlements related to the activities of the Duty Free Zone. According to the witness, Ś. owes him a large sum of money. However, he added that financial issues were not his motivation to testify on this matter.

“The Man Who Knew Too Much” – the first part of the report17.11. | The disappearance and probable murder of Jarosław Ziętara, a journalist from Poznań, has remained unexplained for almost thirty years. The former secret services officer broke the silence and presented new evidence. About Ziętara she says that “he came up with a topic which, to put it mildly, killed him”. And he adds that he himself is “probably, after Zięta, another man who knows too much”. Reportage by journalists from “Supervisor” and “Głos Wielkopolski”, Jakub Stachowiak and Łukasz Cieśl.TVN supervisor

Interrogation of Paweł D.

On Wednesday, the court also questioned Paweł D. The man was an associate of Jerzy U. – a key witness in this case. Jerzy U. was to be an eyewitness to the kidnapping of Ziętara. According to his account, he was following Ziętara on behalf of Elektromis, and on the day of his kidnapping he was to see the whole incident, because he was sitting nearby in the car with his associate.

Paweł D. said in the court that he does not remember “that during our cooperation with U. we were following someone on Kolejowa Street in Poznań (the street where Ziętara lived – ed.)”. – Of course, I know where that street is – in Lazarus. When I traveled with U., we certainly did not follow any journalist – he added.

– I do not know anything about it, so that any of the people followed as a debtor or unfaithful spouse should be a journalist. U. gave us such orders that he would say where the person lives, sometimes show pictures of such a person, say that we should drive up to her house, take pictures. (…) I don’t remember seeing that the person I was watching was stopped by the police. I certainly haven’t seen anything like that – he said. – I saw a photo of Jarosław Ziętara in the press materials. 100 percent I exclude the possibility that I was supposed to observe this person – he emphasized.

Paweł D. also spoke in court about the circumstances of the testimony in this case. As he said, it was Jerzy U. who “took him for an audition” and he himself did not know at first where and why he was going. – As for the interrogation that U. took me to, we were in a hotel near Września. The prosecutor, policeman Bogdan, and a third person came there, I don’t know if it was a clerk. We were at the reception, downstairs, we didn’t rent a room. It took place in the car. Mr. U. first went to the prosecutor’s car and then called me. The interrogation was in the car, the prosecutor was present at my interrogation and I think this clerk was present – he said.

He added that “Jerzy U. and this policeman were then burning documents in front of the car”. – I don’t know what documents, but I remember them exactly. There was an ashtray there and they burned them there – he pointed.

He added that later “Jerzy U. told me that he had not seen it, this incident (the kidnapping of Ziętara – ed.)”. The witness indicated that Jerzy U. said that “there was a conflict on Jumbo (in the protection of the market – ed.), Because he flew from there”. – He explained that to me later. He believed that Fish and Lala were to blame for losing his job at Jumbo and at the security of the Sami Swoi club. He linked it to this testimony. In this case, he also said that they had already been punished – because then the accused were already detained – he added.

The next hearing will be held in January.

"The man who knew too much".  Interview with the co-author of the report

“The Man Who Knew Too Much.” Interview with the co-author of the report17.11 | Journalists of “Supervisor” and “Głos Wielkopolski” reached new witnesses in the case of Jarosław Ziętara. The journalist from Poznań disappeared without a trace 26 years ago. There are many indications that he was kidnapped and murdered. Right after he discovered a huge smuggling scandal. To this day, it is not known who Ziętara’s informant was and what role the secret services might have had in this matter. tvn24

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