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Murder of the Jaroszewicz family. The District Court quashed the arrest of the accused, the prosecutor’s office lodged a complaint

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The Warsaw District Court issued a decision according to which the three accused in the trial concerning the murder of the Jaroszewicz marriage will be subject to police supervision, not arrest. This decision does not agree with the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, which has announced that the complaint will be lodged.

The decision of the District Court in Warsaw means that two of the defendants, including the main accused, Robert S., will be able to be released. The third of them, Dariusz S., is serving a sentence of imprisonment in relation to another case. All three were arrested in connection with this case for over three years. The decision to revoke it is not final.


The trial of the murder of former Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz and his wife Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz started before the District Court in Warsaw in August last year. The prosecution accuses Robert S. of strangling Piotr Jaroszewicz and shooting his wife, and Dariusz S. and Marcin B. are accused of complicity in the murder of the former prime minister. All three were members of the so-called karate gang, which committed several dozen robberies in the 1990s.

Jaroszewicz marriageTVN archive

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Change of a preventive measure from detention to police supervision

During the Wednesday hearing, the court decided that it would not apply to the appellate court to extend the three accused’s detention and issued a decision changing the preventive measure applied to them – from arrest to police supervision.

According to the order, defendants will have to appear in the police unit responsible for their place of residence twice a week. They will also not be able to contact each other and witnesses in the case. The court also imposed a ban on them from leaving the country combined with the retention of their passport.

– The court cannot fail to react to the weakening of the strength of the evidence resulting from the trial. In the present case, the perpetration of the accused is indicated only by the evidence from the explanations of Dariusz S. and Marcin B. – judge Agnieszka Jarosz justified this decision.

At the same time, she emphasized that the explanations of the accused were characterized by “changeability and mutual contradiction”. As she pointed out, at this stage, Dariusz S. and Marcin B. do not admit to having committed the act they are accused of, and indicate the perpetration of Robert S., who also does not admit to the alleged act.

The judge indicated that the fear of fraud was justified until the accused gave explanations. As the trial entered the evidentiary phase on Wednesday, this concern “has become obsolete”. The judge also recalled that the detention of each of the accused had been used for over three years.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow will file a complaint

The prosecutor’s office has announced that it will appeal against the court’s decision. “Today’s decision surprised the prosecutor’s office. I can already say that we do not share this position and we plan to appeal against this decision” – announced prosecutor Katarzyna Płończyk from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow. However, she stressed that the submission of a complaint did not suspend the execution of the decision.

“As for Dariusz S., most likely today he will not leave the prison, due to the fact that he is serving a sentence of imprisonment in another case. Perhaps there have been some crediting of the period of pre-trial detention towards this sentence and something will change , however, his situation is slightly different than that of the other accused “- indicated the prosecutor.

Soon after, a statement from the prosecutor’s office appeared. “The decision taken by the court ex officio is surprising, as the court did not question the findings of the prosecutor’s office as to the perpetration of the defendants as regards the alleged murders. What is more, it stated a high probability of committing them. police supervision, a ban on leaving the country and a ban on contacting co-suspects and witnesses “- it was written.

The case of the Jaroszewicz murderTVN archive

“The decision of the District Court in Warsaw means that those accused of the crime of murder, including one of them for killing four people and attempting to kill another person, will leave the detention center and will be answerable in this case with the so-called free trial. It is all the more surprising,” that the court issued it despite the fact that none of the defendants filed a motion to revoke the pre-trial detention, and the prosecutor filed a motion with the court to extend the pre-trial detention for all defendants “- it was announced in the press release.

“It should be added that in mid-July 2021 the Court of Appeal in Warsaw rejected Robert S.’s complaint against the decision to extend the pre-trial detention. The court found that the evidence gathered in the case indicates a high probability of committing all the alleged crimes, and the correct the course of the proceedings against him is able to secure the exclusion of an isolation preventive measure. The Court of Appeal in Warsaw ruled in this case just over a month ago on the basis of the same evidence “- added.

“The District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow will immediately challenge the decision of the District Court in Warsaw, which is outrageous in the light of evidence findings,” said the announcement.

Murder of the Jaroszewicz family. The course of the crime according to the investigators

The prosecution accused three men sitting in the dock of robbery on the property of Piotr Jaroszewicz and his wife Alicja in Warsaw’s Anin on the night of August 31 to September 1, 1992, during which they were to murder Piotr Jaroszewicz together, and Robert S. was to kill Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz . Robert S. was also accused of the murder of the married couple S. in 1991 in Gdynia and the attempted murder of a man in Izabelin in 1993. They face a sentence of life imprisonment.

According to the prosecutor’s office, on the day of the attack, the accused had been watching the property of the victims for many hours. After entering the Jaroszewicz house through an open bathroom window, Robert S. was supposed to incapacitate Piotr Jaroszewicz by hitting the back of the head with a found firearm. The accused were to tie the man to the armchair. In turn, Alicja Solska – Jaroszewicz was tied up and laid on the bathroom floor. The defendants were to search the house and collect – apart from two pistols – five thousand Deutsche marks, five gold coins and a women’s watch.

As indicated by the prosecutor’s office, Piotr Jaroszewicz probably freed himself from his bonds when the perpetrators left the house of the victims, already in the early hours of the morning. The attackers seated him in the armchair again. Then, while the two perpetrators were holding his hands, Robert S. was supposed to strangle him. According to the prosecutor’s office, after the murder of Piotr Jaroszewicz, Robert S. was supposed to take his rifle from the victim’s office, went to the bathroom where Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz was tied up, and was to shoot her.

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