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Murder of the Jaroszewicz family. The main accused: I am a calm person, I control my emotions

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On Thursday, Robert S., the main accused in the murder of former Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz and his wife Alicja Solska testified in court. The man described himself as a calm person and – according to his report – most of his seizures were also smooth. – I have often talked about behaving calmly during attacks, because our peace is shared by the aggrieved – admitted S.

This is another hearing in a trial that has lasted for almost a year, during which Robert S. answered the parties’ questions. The trial of the murder of former Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz and his wife started before the District Court in Warsaw in August last year. The prosecution accuses Robert S. of strangling Piotr Jaroszewicz and shooting his wife, and Dariusz S. and Marcin B. are accused of complicity in the murder of the former prime minister. All three were members of the so-called karate gang, which committed several dozen robberies in the 1990s.

At the first hearing after the summer break, Robert S. finished answering the prosecutor’s questions. Then the support prosecutors began to ask him questions – one of them is the son of the tragically deceased prime minister, Andrzej Jaroszewicz. His attorney, Beata Czechowicz, asked, inter alia, whether S. would define himself as a person prone to aggression. The accused denied it. – I am a calm person, I control my emotions much better than Mr. Dariusz S. – he said.

When asked if he had ever lost control of his emotions during the jointly organized attacks, Robert S. replied that it happened when his colleague from the group was fatally shot. The noise he was making began to come from inside the house. Then I fired a shot towards the house, but I didn’t shoot any person, just towards the house, he said.


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“Most seizures were calm.”

– I have often talked about being calm during attacks, because our peace is shared by the aggrieved. If we burst in screaming and start hitting someone, the situation gets out of hand – he explained. He added that most of the seizures were calm in line with his recommendations. – I did not use drastic methods – he said. He emphasized that he would not describe himself as an aggressive person and would never behave aggressively towards his relatives.

At the next hearing scheduled for Monday, Robert S. is to continue answering the parties’ questions – with the exception of those of the co-accused and their attorneys. “I have nothing to say to these gentlemen,” he pointed out. The willingness to refer to S.’s explanations so far was announced by co-accused Marcin B. Then the trial will enter the stage of evidentiary proceedings. According to the announcement, the recordings of the crime scene inspections and the course of polygraph tests are to be played first.

Jaroszewicz marriageTVN archive

Murder of the Jaroszewicz family. The course of the crime according to the investigators

The prosecution accused three men sitting in the dock of robbery on the property of Piotr Jaroszewicz and his wife Alicja in Warsaw’s Anin on the night of August 31 to September 1, 1992, during which they were to murder Piotr Jaroszewicz together, and Robert S. was to kill Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz . Robert S. was also accused of the murder of the married couple S. in 1991 in Gdynia and the attempted murder of a man in Izabelin in 1993. They face a sentence of life imprisonment.

According to the prosecutor’s office, on the day of the attack, the defendants watched the property of the victims for many hours. After entering the Jaroszewicz house through an open bathroom window, Robert S. was supposed to incapacitate Piotr Jaroszewicz by hitting the back of the head with a found firearm. The accused were to tie the man to the armchair. In turn, Alicja Solska – Jaroszewicz was tied up and laid on the bathroom floor. The defendants were to search the house and collect – apart from two pistols – five thousand Deutsche marks, five gold coins and a women’s watch.

As indicated by the prosecutor’s office, Piotr Jaroszewicz probably freed himself from his bonds when the perpetrators left the house of the victims, already in the early hours of the morning. The attackers seated him in the armchair again. Then, while the two perpetrators were holding his hands, Robert S. was supposed to strangle him. According to the prosecutor’s office, after the murder of Piotr Jaroszewicz, Robert S. was supposed to take his rifle from the victim’s office, went to the bathroom where Alicja Solska-Jaroszewicz was tied up, and was to shoot her.

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