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Friday, December 1, 2023

Murders near Siedlce. He used a manure spreader to transport the stolen Jaguar

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Police officers from Mordy near Siedlce noticed a situation that aroused their interest. The driver of a tractor with a spreader attached was transporting the body of a passenger Jaguar. The man drove onto the property, thinking he would avoid inspection. He had reason to be worried because the car was stolen.

On Friday, October 13, police officers from the police station in Mordy patrolled the area. Suddenly they noticed a Subaru driving out of the forest and an agricultural tractor with a spreader attached to it (it can be used, among other things, to spread manure in the field). The body of a luxury car was lying on the trailer, covered with branches. Naturally, this made the policemen suspicious.

They saw the police and came to the property

Upon seeing the officers, both drivers drove onto the property, and one of the people hurriedly started closing the gate to prevent the police from entering. However, this did not discourage them.

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– They got into the yard, where, deep inside the property, behind the farm buildings, they discovered parts of a Jaguar that had been stolen a few days earlier from a parking lot in Siedlce and parts from another vehicle – said Commissioner Ewelina Radomyska from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Siedlce in a statement. The found bodywork and parts were prepared for further transport.

Three people were charged

The police detained two people who were transporting elements of stolen vehicles. Then they determined who might be responsible for stealing the Jaguar and detained that person. A 45-year-old resident of Siedlce has already been charged with vehicle theft. The District Court in Siedlce decided that he would spend the next three months in custody.

Two 26-year-olds were charged with stolen goods and were placed under police surveillance.

Main photo source: KMP Siedlce

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