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Murowana Goslina. Former mayor Dariusz U. accused of 24 crimes

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The prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against the former mayor of Murowana Goślina (Greater Poland Voivodeship) and ten other people, the National Prosecutor’s Office reported. The former local government official will answer, among others: for corruption. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

The former mayor of Murowana Goślina was detained by officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau in January 2022. The local government official was charged mainly with corruption. At the request of the investigators, the court temporarily arrested Dariusz U.

At the end of January, Dariusz U. was convicted of, among others, for insulting a CBA officer during his detention last year. After the verdict, the local government official resigned from the position of mayor of Murowana Goślina. Early elections for this position were held in April.


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Corruption, abuse of authority, false statements

The press department of the National Prosecutor’s Office announced on Friday that the Wielkopolska Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań filed an indictment against Dariusz U. and 10 other persons to the District Court of Poznań Stare Miasto.

The former local government official was accused of committing a total of 24 crimes, including accepting financial benefits in connection with the function performed, exceeding powers and failing to fulfill obligations in order to achieve a financial benefit and submit false asset declarations in the years 2020-2022. According to investigators, Dariusz U. concealed obtaining PLN 156,000 in his testimony for 2020. PLN income.

In addition to the former governor of Murowana Goślina, the investigators also filed charges against officials and entrepreneurs, including Bogdan D. and Janusz R. The businessmen were accused of providing financial benefits, i.e. transferring tens of thousands of zlotys and building a road in front of the former mayor’s house.

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His deputy and the chairman of the city council were also accused

According to PK, another accused – Monika Sz. – the prosecutor alleged that while performing the function of the manager of the Municipal Social Welfare Center in Murowana Goślina, she exceeded her powers in order to obtain a financial benefit. In turn, the accused Radosław Sz. it was alleged that while he was acting as deputy mayor, he failed to fulfill his official duties “in order to obtain a financial benefit by an established person”.

“The chairman of the Murowana Goślina City Council was accused by the prosecutor that together and in consultation with the then mayor, he demanded a financial benefit of PLN 10,000 in exchange for housing or social housing from the resources of the commune” – the prosecutor’s office said.

In turn, Danuta Sz., chairwoman of the Audit Committee of the Murowana Goślina City Council, was accused of obstructing the proceedings, for which she is liable to imprisonment for up to five years. The other defendants face up to 10 years in prison.

The CBA in the office, the mayor in custody

January 11, 2022 Central Anti-Corruption Bureau detained the mayor of Murowana Goślina and six other people. Initially, Dariusz U. heard 12 charges, mainly corruption. At the request of the investigators, the court temporarily arrested the local government official.

The case concerns irregularities that allegedly occurred in the years 2019-2021 at the City and Commune Office of Murowana Goślina. The investigators accused Dariusz U. of, among others, accepting bribes for performed contracts.

In May last year, the prosecutor’s office announced that in connection with the behavior of a local government official during the arrest and search of his apartment, Dariusz U. was charged with insulting and violating the inviolability of a CBA officer and forcing him to withdraw from his official duties through threats and violence.

Failed referendum

In October last year, a referendum was held on the dismissal of the mayor and the city council in Murowana Goślina, but because too few people went to the polls, the vote was declared invalid. The protocols of the Municipal Commission for the Referendum in Murowana Goślina showed that just over 40 votes were missing to recognize the validity of the referendum.

In February, the CBA officers detained the former deputy mayor and the chairman of the city council and a councilor in Murowana Goślina. The local government officials were charged with corruption, and the councilor was charged with obstruction of the investigation.

Prime Minister at the end of February Mateusz Morawiecki ordered early elections for the mayor of the city and commune of Murowana Goślina after the current mayor resigned. Dariusz U. resigned from his function when, at the end of January, a court in Poznań convicted him of insulting a CBA officer and violating his bodily integrity. The officer was fined. The case concerned the behavior of Dariusz U. during his detention by CBA agents last year.

In the elections for the new mayor of Murowana Goślina held in April, Justyna Radomska won the most votes.

Dariusz U. has been the mayor of Murowana Goślina since 2014. In the 2018 local elections, he won almost 57 percent of the vote. votes, and his election committee to the city council of Murowana Goślina was supported by over 46 percent. voters. Candidates running from the mayor’s committee won 12 of the 15 seats on the council.

Dariusz U. is still under arrest. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

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