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Museum Night 2023. Long queues and crowds at exhibitions

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Long queues, hundreds of events all over the country and crowds at exhibitions – that was this year’s Night of Museums in many Polish cities. Places normally closed to visitors also joined the action. In Warsaw, for example, you could visit the Sejm and the office of the city president, and a parade of historic vehicles drove through the streets of the capital. The inhabitants of Wrocław and Poznań, where the Night of Museums will take place on May 20, and Kraków, where the event is scheduled for May 19, are still waiting for the event.

Museums, galleries, theaters, public institutions, science centers, as well as places that are normally inaccessible were opened to visitors on this year’s Night of Museums, which took place in most cities on the night of 13 to 14 May. In many places you had to wait in line. In some places, their length reached several hundred meters. The authorities of some institutions, aware of the great interest of visitors, introduced reservations for exhibitions earlier.

The queue in front of the Sejm during the Night of MuseumsPAP/Andrzej Lange

Night of Museums in Warsaw

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In the capital, the Night of Museums was organized for the 19th time. 270 Warsaw institutions opened their doors to visitors until late at night. Visitors could choose from, among others, archaeological monuments, works of art, but also automotive classics. A procession of historic vehicles passed through the streets of the city, including Polonaises, Trabants and “Beetles”, as well as old buses.

The Royal Castle, the Wilanów Palace and the National Museum enjoyed considerable popularity, especially among tourists. Participants of the Night of Museums willingly visited places that are usually not open to visitors. You could see the Sejm and the Senate, the Voivodeship Office underground and the office of the Mayor of the city.

Visitors could also – for the last time before the opening of the new seat in autumn this year – see the construction site of the Warsaw Museum of Polish History. Participants of the walk had to put on helmets and vests, which – as they claimed – was an additional attraction for them.

Crowds of visitors in Gdańsk, Rzeszów and Lublin

In Pomerania, visitors could choose from the offer of 60 institutions in eight towns Queues of several hundred meters formed in front of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk. Eager people waiting to enter lined up in front of the Uphagen House and Piwnica Romańska on Dominikański Square.

The deputy director of the museum, Marek Szymaniak, estimated during the event that this year the museum and the Peninsula Westerplatte, where field games were held, over 4,000 participants will come. – Today we host a cross-section of all generations: there are children, their parents, grandparents. This shows how important it is for a wide range of society to participate in culture – assessed Szymaniak.

In Gdynia, he was popular among others with Dar Pomorza, on board of which the exhibition “40 years have passed. From a school ship to a museum ship” was presented, as well as an air-raid shelter from World War II in Gdynia-Leszczynki.

Night of Museums 2023. Museum-ship “Dar Pomorza”PAP/Adam Warżawa

In Rzeszów, 17 institutions prepared an offer for the Night of Museums. Crowds of people visited Rzeszów Cellars – one of the longest in Europe, 396 meters long.

One of the biggest events of the Night of Museums in the capital of Podkarpacie turned out to be the opening of the exhibition “Documentaries. Photographers of the Rzeszow Region”. Over 400 photos by 60 photographers were presented, from the second half of the 1960s to the present day. – This is a unique exhibition. We have here a large representation of authors who are the prototype, the foundation of Rzeszów photography – said the director of the gallery, Piotr Piech.

In Lublin, the Holy Trinity Chapel at the Lublin Castle – one of the most valuable monuments of medieval art in Poland and Europe – and the Trinitarian Tower, from which you can admire the panorama of the city, were very popular among the participants of the Night of Museums.

A unique Night of Museums in Katowice

A walk through selected facilities of the Wujek mine with participants of the memorable events in December 1981 is a unique proposition prepared by the Silesian Center for Freedom and Solidarity in Katowice for the Night of Museums. The first visitors waited to enter from 3 pm.

The visitors were guided through selected rooms by witnesses of history – participants of the memorable strike in the first days of martial law, which ended with a bloody pacification.

Night of Museums in Poznań, Kraków and Wrocław. When?

In Poznań and Wrocław, this year’s edition of the Night of Museums is scheduled for May 20 (Saturday) – a week later than in most other cities. The day before, on May 19 (Friday), the inhabitants of Krakow will take part in the Night of Museums.

In the capital of Wielkopolska, over 70 museums, galleries and other institutions will take part in the action – the largest number in the history of the Poznań edition of the action so far. Those interested will be able to take a selfie with Jacek Malczewski’s self-portraits at the National Museum. In the Zamek Culture Center until midnight, visitors will be able to visit the “Not to Heaven” exhibition devoted to space, and in the Great Hall visitors will come across autonomous vehicles and remotely controlled robots. Scientists and students from the University of Technology have prepared a series of events related to space exploration.

101 institutions will participate in the Night of Museums in the capital of Lower Silesia, including the Royal Palace, the National Museum, and the Pan Tadeusz Museum. It is already known that the hit of this year’s Night of Museums in Wrocław will be the Museum of Forensic Medicine of the Medical University, which will be made available to visitors for the first time as part of this event. The limit of 40 people who could register for the tour was exhausted in a minute. The museum’s collection includes a large number of items related to criminal and medical activities, such as tools used to commit crimes.

On May 19, during the Night of Museums in Krakow, 60 institutions will open their doors to visitors, including the Wawel Royal Castle, the Museum of Krakow and the Galicia Jewish Museum. You will also be able to visit the Provincial Police Headquarters. On the other hand, in front of the building of the National Museum there will be an action “print clothes! – clothes upcycling”, referring to the slogan of the Krakow edition – “Rhythms of fonts”. The slogan is related to the 550th anniversary of the first printing in Poland.

Main photo source: PAP/Andrzej Lange

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