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Mushroom picking 2023 – what can you get a ticket for? How high can the fine be? What mushrooms should not be picked?

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Picking mushrooms can cost a lot – for breaking the rules you can get a fine of up to PLN 500. What’s more, for collecting protected species, the court may impose a fine of PLN 5,000.

In Poland, picking mushrooms is legal and free of charge, but when picking mushrooms, you should remember to follow certain rules, because breaking them is punishable by fines of PLN 500 or fines of up to PLN 5,000 imposed by the court. zlotys.

Fine of PLN 5,000 for collecting protected mushrooms

The maximum fine that can be imposed is $5,000. zlotys for collecting protected mushrooms. According to the regulation of 2014, there are 232 species on the list. Such a high penalty may be imposed by the court. A forest or city guard can only punish us with a ticket.

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Mushroom picking – fines

A fine of up to PLN 500 may be imposed for picking mushrooms in places where entry is prohibited. The permanent ban covers forests that are: forest crops up to 4 m high, experimental plots and seed stands, animal refuges, springs of rivers and streams and areas at risk of erosion. Mushrooms must also not be collected in protected areas: in reserves and national parks. The ban on entering military areas must be strictly observed.

A periodic ban on access to a forest owned by the State Treasury may also be introduced when: there has been destruction or significant damage to tree stands or undergrowth degradation, there is a high risk of fire, economic activities related to breeding, forest protection or timber harvesting are being carried out.

It should also be remembered that the owner of a forest that is not owned by the State Treasury may prohibit entry by marking the forest with a board with an appropriate inscription.

A fine may be imposed on persons who spread litter in the forest and destroy mushrooms or mycelium.

A fine can also be obtained for littering the forest, destroying breeding grounds or bird nests, burrows and anthills, injuring or killing a wild animal outside of activities related to hunting or forest protection, as well as for letting a dog loose.

When going to the forest, leave the car in a place marked as a parking lot or a parking space. Cars cannot be left in front of barriers and on roadsides, even if they are approved for traffic. Doing so may hinder their use.

For persistent or flagrant violations of the above regulations, guards may refer the case to court, and then the costs of illegal mushroom picking may reach up to PLN 5,000. zloty.

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