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Muslims in France. “Paris Falls”? This video has a different source

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One Internet user posted a video online in which thousands of Muslims were allegedly praying in the streets of Paris. “Cultural enrichment comes at a price,” he wrote. Only the recording does not come from France or any other Western European country.

The video shows the streets of the city filled with praying Muslims. They kneel on the rugs laid on the road and bow monotonously to the rhythm of the words uttered by the muezzin from the minaret. In the middle of the recording, a grand mosque with golden domes was also captured, from which the text of the prayer is most likely heard.

“Paris is falling! Muslims are showing their power. Cultural enrichment has a price” – described the video published on one of the Twitter accounts, where false information had already appeared against, among others, in Muslim refugees. The video has been viewed nearly 50,000 times. times, received over 1.5 thousand. likes, and over 650 people retweeted it.

An entry with a recording showing Muslims praying allegedly in Paris and a comment aimed at themTwitter

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Many Internet users believed that the recording actually came from France. “Paris is a Muslim city”; “The punishment of treacherous and cowardly France must fall!”; “It was the French who destroyed their culture and religion! Muslims just took this vacant place! This is how it can end in Poland!”; “I’m sorry, but this is terrible. I have not seen anything like this in Turkey. In Izmir, public displays of faith are forbidden. In Manisa, I was woken up by the muezzin, but my friends have not been to the mosque for years … God save Poland,” commentators wrote (Original spelling of all entries).

However, the recording is not new, nor does it come from Paris.

Not France, but Russia

A video with a description pointing to Paris was already circulating online in other languages ​​in May this year. “Believe it or not, this is Paris. Yes, the fashion city of Paris in Secular France” – he wrote one of the English-speaking Twitter users.

Both then and now, however, most commentators straightened out that the video did not come from Paris, but from Moscow. This is evidenced by the mosque visible in the middle of the recording – the Cathedral Mosque – located at Wypolzowa Street in the capital of Russia. It is the most important Muslim religious building in this country and one of the largest mosques in Europe.

The videos show a mosque in Moscow, not in ParisTwitter/Google Maps

The video shows the Moscow celebrations of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast) – organized on the occasion of the end of Ramadan. The holiday usually falls once a year, although it is possible for it to fall twice a year. This year, Eid al-Fitr fell on May 2, and it is from this year’s celebrations traditionally organized at the Cathedral Mosque that the video is distributed. The clothing of most of the faithful corresponds to that visible on photos from this year’s event by a reporter from the Turkish Anadolu agency.

Over 100,000 worshipers at the mosque

Muslims gathering for Christmas prayers outside the Cathedral Mosque have been a topic of internal debate in Moscow for years. Already in 2019, the Russian portal Gazeta.ru published article, in which the deputy of the Moscow City Duma, Mohammed Yandiev, estimated that about 130,000 people gathered there. Muslims. “Roads are blocked, people are praying in the streets because they cannot go inside. This is not a normal situation. People should fulfill their religious needs in comfort: a church, a synagogue, a mosque are needed for people to go inside and pray.” he said.

Islam is the second largest religion in Russia after Orthodoxy. In Moscow alone, in the 2010 census, 400,000 people declared that they professed this religion. people, although it is estimated that they may live there even over 1.5 million.

Konkret24, Associated Press

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