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“My heart in Warsaw”. Sorry Boys album. 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

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With the album “My Heart in Warsaw”, the band Sorry Boys will commemorate the 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. – Every morning, when I look at the horizon of Warsaw, I say hello to a city that might not have been. And she revived, thanks to love. And our album was created out of love for this city – says singer Bela Komoszyńska. The concert premiere of the album will take place on July 21 in Park Wolności. Broadcast on TVN24.

Since almost two decades ago Tomasz Stanko played a few phrases in the walls of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, which is still under construction, this institution inspires subsequent musical projects. They take the form of a CD and a concert, which takes place on August 1 in Park Wolności near the museum. This year, such an invitation was received by the band Sorry Boys, which recorded the album “My Heart in Warsaw”. As we read in the press material, “it will be a journey through the summer of 1944, a story of love of young Varsovians, hope that accompanied the insurgents in the initial phase of the uprising, until death, loss and escape into dreams”.

Read more about the program of the 79th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising.

Private history

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The album probably wouldn’t have been created if it wasn’t for the personal story of Piotr Blak, one of the band members. His grandfather was Jan Kluczewski, pseudonym Krawczyk, insurgent, soldier of the “Koszta” company. Together with his wife’s cousins, Jacek and Witek Gosławski, he died on September 6, 1944 during the bombing of a tenement house at 7 Moniuszko Street. Jan was 24 at the time.

Years later, the grandson became heavily involved in commemorating his grandfather, he was one of the heroes of the action The Roots of Memory and led to the creation of a plaque commemorating “Koszta” at Moniuszko Street.

– It is because of me that the band Sorry Boys is so close to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Throughout her life, Grandma Danek talked about her great love for her husband Janek and cousins ​​- Witek and Jacek. And just like a stone hollows out a rock, my grandmother hollowed out my interest in the Warsaw Uprising and the “Koszta” company. It’s part of my identity, my DNA, I just feel like I know them. Through these activities, I got closer to the museum, and the album that was created is one of the most important things I have done in my life – said Piotr Blak during Wednesday’s press conference.

July 31, 2021 | “Each insurgent is a separate story.” Conversations with the descendants of the Warsaw insurgentsThe Warsaw Uprising Museum created the “Roots of Memory” project. It is a series of conversations with the descendants of the Warsaw insurgents. For some, these are the stories of parents, for others grandparents or great-grandparents, but they are all connected by the Warsaw Uprising: a test of courage, bravery and love for the homeland. Arleta Zalewska | TVN facts

Treasure letters

One of the songs on the album is the song “Jan”. This is the sung content of Jan Kluczewski’s authentic letter to his family. – This is a letter from August 14, 1944, which my grandmother cherished all her life. This is one of several letters that reached Wspólna Street during the Warsaw Uprising. These letters are my treasures. There is love, hope, longing in them – said Blak. He gave one of the letters to the vocalist Bela Komoszyńska, hoping that a text inspired by its content would be created. – Ultimately, the song is a one-to-one quote from selected fragments of this list – he betrayed, not hiding his emotion.

Danka’s words about her late husband and the time of the uprising are at the beginning and end of the piece. She recorded them several years before her death. She lived to be 97 years old.

Special guests

– The album was created in the express pace of four months, but in fact, we were “writing” it for years. It was in Piotr’s life through his private history, but since we have been in constant contact for several years, it was also in ours. “Miasto Warszawa” is a song about the spirit of the city, which I wrote four years ago to a text by (Chilean poet – ed.) Pablo Neruda. Because Warsaw and love for it is, next to the uprising, the second heroine of this album – recalled Bela Komoszyńska.

Sorry Boys also invited guests. – In “Dzień Dobry” it is Robert Gawliński, which was my dream come true. We also have Dawid Tyszkowski, who sings in the song “Miasto Warszawa”. There is a wonderful voice of Natalia Szroeder in the very feminine song “Temple” to the text of Zuzanna Ginczank. In turn, Jan Biedziak sang in “Robinson”, who was also the producer of the album – Komoszyńska enumerated. The author’s composition was complemented by Czesław Niemen’s “Dream about Warsaw”.

Concert broadcast

The graphic cover of the album includes insurgent letters, photos and other materials belonging to Piotr Blak. – The author of the clip is Maciej Buczyński, whose grandmother fought with my grandfather in the Warsaw Uprising – added Blak.

The premiere of the album “My Heart in Warsaw” is scheduled for Friday, July 21. On the same day, Sorry Boys and their guests will perform in Park Wolności at the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Tickets are available for purchase on the museum’s website. The broadcast will be carried out by TVN24.

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